Top 5 Best and Worst Candies for Halloween

I think I’ve just about aged out of the period in my life where I’m deciding what I have to be for Halloween and, instead, am deciding how close to Halloween it’s appropriate to start buying candy in bulk “for the kids who might come to our door to trick or treat.”   Also, the other day some co-workers started laying down bets that I won’t be able to “say no to free food and/or candy” three months or less prior to my wedding, as I said I would.  At first I was offended and then I was quietly proud that I’m known for something...more

Halloween Decorations

I don’t really celebrate Halloween. I take Charlie trick or treating and put Henry on the front door but that is about the extent of my decorating.Henry...more
I love Henry. He's my favourite. :)more

Halloween Costume Contest at work

The boss told us we could dress up for Halloween and there would be costume judging,but,I still can't make my mind up what to be. I looked around in the dollar store today.I looked at Groucho Marx glasses. I looked at princess crowns. I looked at fairy princess wings. I don't know .She said we could wear a halloween t shirt so maybe that's the route I will go.The prize will be a gift card....more

make-me-up costume ideas

It's that time again... the one day a year we can all play dress up in public. Because I will be in training all day and will be getting home pretty late, I am thinking about going simple with my costume this year. Actually, I've gone simple with my costume the last 5yrs, but who's counting. ...more

Toddler Pumpkin Painting

With two under 2 this Halloween, we decided to keep it simple with the pumpkin decorating....more
SO adorable.more

The 5 Best Bosses to Dress Up As on Halloween

As the CEO of my own company, it’s nice to be able to switch it up on Halloween each year and dress up in an outfit that’s less like a boss and more like a superhero. But while this is my own personal preference, I know there are plenty of infamous bosses, both on TV and in the movies, who have an incredible sense of style that’s easy to emulate and instantly recognizable. If you’re still looking for a last minute costume for the office, try dressing up as one of these fearless (and in some cases, fearsome) leaders!Leslie Knope (Parks and Recreation)...more

Make Halloween Less Stressful (And More Fun!)

Looking for ways to reduce stress during the ghoulish holiday this week? Check out the simple tips in my infographic for how to make Halloween less stressful (and more fun)!Like this infographic? Feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest! Sharing is caring!  ...more
Haha! Do a 'trial run' the 'day before'! LOL! some good humor ;)more

Can a Feminist Mama Let Her Daughter Wear a Pink, Frilly Costume?

It’s almost Halloween, the time of year when ladies dress up as “Sexy SpongeBob,” and little girls have costume options that are in no way weather appropriate. (It’s OCTOBER, you guys. You know what’s not sexy? Frostbite.) But I have decided to let my daughter be whatever she wants this year, even if it’s pink and frilly and makes me gag. ...more
I think your daughter will be a-ok with a strong mama like you! And at some point, she'll grow ...more

Halloween 2013: Our Costumes

Halloween is for adults too, right? Right! This past weekend my husband and I attended our first ever adult costume party and it was a blast! There were other costume contenders but we ultimately decided on being Caroline and Farmer Ted from Sixteen Candles.  ...more

Easy Tips for Avoiding the Halloween Candy Binge

Quick and Easy Tips for Avoiding the Candy Binge during Halloween — by Catherine Morgan1.  What ever you do, DON”T buy all of the candy you like to give out to trick-or-treaters (not even a little bit).  It’s much better to buy candy that you don’t like, to hand out on Halloween....more