Creative and Classic Halloween Costume 2014

It is the month of October, so certainly we are planning weeks in advance for what we are going to dress up as for our Halloween parties! This year we are seeing more and more DIY costumes, some of the classics, and some that are just mind blowing creative! Ladies, we picked out costumes this year that suits the women who wants to be a little sexier this Halloween and we picked out creative costumes for the women who would rather show off more of their costume. Men, we understand that not all of you are excited about dressing up in cheesy costumes....more

DIY Witch's Brew Halloween Sign

Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

I confess. I started decorating for Halloween in mid-September. The bad news is that I can’t find some of my decorations. They are somewhere in our dark and somewhat cavernous storage unit. It’s not that big, but it’s full.I looked at Target, where I love to buy Halloween decor, but it looked picked over and nothing really caught my eye. I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but I do want it to feel more festive. Plus, I don’t want to replace the stuff that is “lost” because I’m just too lazy to dig it out....more

DIY Halloween Chalkboard Flower Pots

I know exactly what you're thinking. You think I've gone completely gaga over chalkboard paint. Well, my friend, you're right on the money! When Halloween is over, you can erase the message and write or draw something else. This is the craft that keeps on giving, and trick-or-treaters will surely appreciate your front porch creativity. ...more
Oh how fun! Do you think it's durable in the outdoor elements throughout the year?more

Hocus Pocus: History of Halloween, plus Costumes, Pumpkins, and Decorations

Fall is nearing an end (and winter is coming), setting the stage for Halloween. Time for trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkin carving, haunted houses, bobbing for apples, and bonfires.Here is a short history on Halloween, followed by a few ideas on Halloween costumes, decorations, crafts and treats....more

7 steps to a thrift store Halloween costume

I love dressing up for Halloween. The more ridiculous, the better. I’ve been everything from Richard Simmons (I looked good with my drawn on chest hair), to a pregnant nun....more

Zombie Lovers Gift Guide

Christmas is in 75 days, and frankly, I don’t want to think about that yet. So with the season of Halloween upon us (and the beginning of the new season of Walking Dead) I would much rather present you with a curated list of gifts for the zombie lover in your life.Find out about these lovely things over at... One Punky Mama...more

Pumpkin Picking

I took the kids to this amazing pumpkin patch that was miles and miles long, at least that's what they thought. It was actually in front of a local church in my town and was not even half a mile long. The kids thought it was HUGE though and we spent almost 45 minutes there touching EVERY SINGLE FREAKING pumpkin....more

My Face is Not a Halloween Costume

Sometimes when small children see me, they are scared, and vocalize or gesticulate their fears. They tell their parents they're scared, or hide behind their parents' legs. Honestly, this saddens me; I don't want to scare anyone. I think that it's because they've not seen people with visible differences before, but I also believe it's because they have seen masks and screen characters who are depicted as evil. Think Freddy Kruger, Scarface and Two Face. Does this evil come about because the characters are lashing out over the misfortune of looking different and the associated social reactions? ...more
I love this. Of course we think about the appropriateness of ethnic costumes, but this had ...more

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

As a former actress who still works in the theater, it's fair to say that I've always had a flair for the dramatic. Despite having a phobia of horror movies (or really, anything remotely scary), I've always loved Halloween because it's one of the very few times that it's acceptable for adults to play dress up! Pretty costumes, dramatic makeup, an aura of mystery, lots of glitter (and candy) sounds good to me!...more