Fun Halloween Costume Ideas

i’ve seen so many adorable, awesome, scary halloween costumes out there that i thought i’d share some of my favorites with you. jp and i haven’t gone to a halloween party in ages, so unfortunately, i cannot trick her into any of these costumes…but it’s always fun to see what other people are wearing.where’s waldo? this adorable family costume would be super easy to put together. you can dye fabric, or use tape to mark off your red lines....more

7 Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

7 Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe On HalloweenPosted by: Kristen In: Pet Safety...more

Healthy Halloween: Ghoulishly Good-for-You Smoothie

I love smoothies!  They are yummy and sweet and best of all, GOOD FOR YOU! Goulishly good for you, that is!  *Pretty sure that’s a word? Image: Courtesy of Babies and Biscuits This thing makes a mean smoothie, amongst other things. ...more
Yummy!   I just happen to have all the ingredients, so hello lunch!more

What To Do With ALL The Candy

The two weeks following Halloween for the past few years have found us gorging on candy and me threatening the kids with, "If I find one more wrapper on the floor, I'm throwing it ALL away!" Of course, I never do throw it away and the kids eat it until they are sick.  Then, I pilfer their stash and eat Reese's peanut butter cups in my closet.  We've tried moderating the candy, "Only two pieces until after dinner," but that hasn't been very successful in the past either....more
@definitely-mommy- Thank you!  Last year, I ended up throwing the remaining candy away after a ...more

Spiderweb Nails for Halloween!

 I love nail art.  As a beauty blogger, I like to try different nail designs all the time.  It's not always easy though. For Halloween, I wanted to share an easy nail design that everyone would enjoy and be able to try for themselves....more

How to Not Be a Horrifying Coworker This Halloween

Celebrating Halloween in the office can be a bit controversial if companies aren't too careful. We've all heard the horror stories of someone showing up in nothing more than lingerie, or someone using a better part of the day to hide out and scare coworkers periodically withthe help of a Scream mask. Although it's typically up to the boss to set the tone of Halloween in the office, you can do your part to be a good coworker come the spookiest holiday of the year. Here are three things to avoid during the work day on October 31st.Being a candy hog....more

Feelin Witchy and introducing Haus of Steen

Happy Tuesday Peoples!  I am loving the Halloween vibe today!Check out my mouthwash hahaha...more

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes for women run the gamut from classy to sexy, and cute to playful....more

Frugal Halloween Costumes

Besides being a very frugal mom, I am also very creative and in tune with my kids' needs.  I know they would rather have that costume in the store that looks super cool, but I am not paying $30 for plastic clothes that they will only wear for less than an hour a year.  Here are the ideas I have used in the past. 1. Shop thrift stores.  Sweat pants and sweat shirts go with any costume idea.  If you shop off season, you might find premade classics like skeleton, pumpkin or furry animals....more

Halloween Love Fest: Sparkly Halloween Crafts

  This is the second part to my Halloween Love Fest Series. ...more