12 Ways Halloween Has Changed Since We Were Kids

I have totally missed the Halloween boat, and my kids are going to be pissed. They know I missed the boat, because yesterday when they brought the mail up to the house, their little faces were scrunched up as they held back the tears. “What's wrong?" I asked, "Was there a dead animal in the mail box?” “No, mommy. You are late for Halloween! The Chasing Fireflies CHRISTMAS catalog is here and we still. don’t. have. costumes!” ...more
Hilarious! You mean people used to plan without Pinterest?more

The Battle for Halloween: Family Holidays After Divorce

He gets the 4th of July, I get Halloween. He gets to light things on fire and cross his fingers that the dogs don't chew a hole through the wall, and I get to make a Dr. Horrible costume and explore haunted houses on North Portsmouth Street with the thousands of people who all of a sudden seem to live in our neighborhood. He gets to spend too much money on garbage that makes noise, and I get to spend $10 on candy that will somehow stay in my house until all of eternity goes by and a new world begins and then my $10 candy is an ancient, preserved, sticky relic (that the kids will still want to eat). But this year he asked if he could have them for Halloween....more
Love that making fantastic memories for your children is included in your decision-making! We do ...more

Halloween Witch Broom Cookies

I am so excited to share this month’s Fill the Cookie Jar recipe. Our theme this month is Halloween/ Pumpkin cookies.How cute are these Witches Brooms?!...more

I don't want to be a sexy pirate

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It takes place in my favorite season, I love seeing all the children dressed up in costumes, the candy is plentiful and everyone is happy. My wonderful husband takes our son trick-or-treating and I dress up and hand out candy at the door. But here's the thing:I don't want to be a sexy pirate....more

Maybe I Can Pretend They are Halloween Decorations?

As with pretty much every morning that I’m leaving the house for work, I had my hands full with my purse, my lunch bag, Jack, some ‘tow truck snacks’ that he was munching on, my keys and my phone.I shut the door behind us and swung around on my front porch to see THIS.Blegh. SO MANY SPIDER WEBS! KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!...more

Confessions, volume VIII, Fall edition

For the first time in months and months, I woke up to the sound of rain in Sacramento. Aside from a smidge bit of drought relief, the rain put me into a Fall state of mind. So, for Thursday 13, a few Fall-themed confessions......more

Halloween on a Budget: Make Your Own Adorable Costumes (and Save a Ton!)

I'm a crafty girl, so of course, I always make my kids' Halloween costumes. But even if you don't have a crafty bone in your body, I know you can make a costume this year (or at least vow not to spend an ungodly amount of money on a crummy costume at the store, okay?). I'll show you how—keep reading! ...more

Easy Halloween Decoration- Mantel Cover

Sometimes I am not completely original and find an idea in a catalog and know I can make something similar.  I was browsing the GardinRoad Catalog a few weeks ago and pulled out the picture of a decorated Halloween Mantel and set out to replicate it for a lot less.  I say no sew but there is a few straight lines  that I made with our machine but you could probably just glue them together with a strong fabric glue if you really do not want to sew these DIY Halloween decorations. ...more

DIY: Tinker Bell Costume

Faith, trust, and pixie dust! If you're like me and have seen every Tinker Bell movie about a million times, then you know this phrase very well. My little girl will not watch ANYTHING but Tinker Bell movies. I've tried a bunch of Disney movies, cartoons, etc. They all lose her interest after about five minutes. But, if I put on a Tinker Bell movie, she will literally be glued to the TV the entire time! ...more
Oooohh Heather , you should see the magnificent fairy fabric I bought today! Expect pictures in ...more

Painting Calaveras: A Fun Dia de los Muertos Kids Activity

Tell me one person who's not excited to carve pumpkins to welcome Halloween? But leaving one out during a warm night in Florida spells bugs and an unfathomable smell for me and everyone else coming for a trick-or-treat visit. You might say that I can opt for a plastic-version but what's the fun in that for the kids? Besides, I personally hate anything plastic....more