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Eyeball Soup Anyone?

Doll, stars, blind.Carmine was casing the house he planned to hit next.  It might sound cliché but it was necessary if you intended to do a job and get away clean.  So far everything he had seen pointed to an incredibly easy robbery.  The woman who lived here (alone no less) was blind.  Cut the phone lines and it couldn’t get any easier than this.  She would have no way to call for help.  This was going to be obnoxiously easy and if there’s anything Carmine liked, it was a smooth job.  He had done his homework....more
I'll take a double serving of your eyeball soup, Monique! Loved, loved your story.more

The Great Pumpkin Ball

In honour of Halloween I thought I'd share our visit to the Pumpkin exhibit at the botanical gardens. J, the 4 year old, was sick the day his class went there and I know he was very disappointed. So last Sunday we rushed to visit since it was the last day of the event....more

Otterly Adorable

Last night was Halloween, and as tradition dictates, we dressed Kiddo up and sheparded him around to collect candy. Not for him, of course; he’s still young enough that we limit the amount of straight-up sugar that he gets. That three-quarters of a pound that he picked up will mostly be consumed by Mom and Dad. I don’t think he’ll mind, though. Heck, I don’t think he’ll even notice. ...more

Halloween in New York ain’t like Guy Fawkes in New Zealand

It's been well over 15 years since I last trick or treated growing up in Eastern Canada. I remembering the freezing cold nights with 2-3 layers of clothes under my costume. Sometimes it wasn't even obvious what my costume was because I needed to add a jacket over top to combat the biting cold wind - Imagine a gypsy who looked more like a bag lady trying to keep warm. It's easy to give up Halloween when you have to go door to door under those conditions....more

And Then The Dog Ate My Homework

I had just written my first official post for Nablopomo, with a photo and everything.  But it looks like it failed to upload and disappeared entirely.I'm number 319 on the list, which is good, but my blog link wasn't working, which is bad. I had a feeling I did the url wrong when I signed up.  But even with the right url, I kept trying to get back to my page and it just wouldn't work until maybe the third or fourth try....more
@Denise Sadly, that was my first post to blogher, not my first post to NaBloPoMo. The one that ...more

It's Time for Panic. IT'S PANIC TIME.


Last minute Halloween fun

  Halloween 2011: We decided at the last minute to set up for Halloween. Maya and I painted our faces, Patrick and DeAngelo set up spider webs on the front porch, candles, and put on scary music for the trick or treaters. Once we ran out of candy, all four of us plopped down in the family room and watched Corpse Bride! Photo taken using Hipstamatic....more

Halloween Trees!

Oh, when I was a little girl trick or treat was so much fun. I remember my Dad taking me from house to house getting candy from our neighbors. Unfortunately, at some point they found razors or something crazy like that in the candy and so we had to check it out before any candy could be eaten. Some of my friends would take their candy to the fire station have it x-rayed. My parents just checked it out and if any candy was slightly opened (most likely from grabbing it) well, it got tossed, just to be safe....more