Honoring Your Memory

     Most of us cheated death today and we wore masks to celebrate, invisible or not.  We talked around the the important things and we rushed through our day.  We tried not to ponder time or death.  Our minds were unable to hold infinity for long, so we stared at our computers and our televisions, wondering how we got so old.  Life was supposed to happen by now, wasn't it?  How could it pass us by when we've been waiting for it to start? ...more

FYI Chocolate covered coffee beans = kids who wont go to sleep

Thanks friendly neighbor for giving my ADHD, ASD, OCD boys chocolate covered coffee beans… either they are for me, then AWESOME! I love you!  Or you can’t read Spanish, in which case you are an idiot for buying candy and you don’t know what it is. Or you’re  just an asshole and you thought it would be funny to give coffee beans to children. I am HOPING that these were intended for me and  that you’re not an idiotic asshole who buys things in gourmet aisle just to say you bought your neighbor kids gourmet chocolate covered coffee beans....more

Happy Halloween

"Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange? Come with us and you will see, this our town of Halloween! This is Halloween, this is Halloween!"- The Nightmare Before ChristmasI LOVE that movie lolSo I thought I'd share my families lovely halloween costumes!...more



Halloween cupcakes (made the fun way)


Skeleton's Ball GIVEAWAY!

Through song, stories and other activities Storytime Yoga's latest Story of the Month kit, called The Skeleton's Ball, gets your bones moving!...more
Contest still open!more

Happy Halloween: Spooky Books Written By Women

Last week, the folks at Women's Voices For Changeasked me to write a book review roundup of the best spooky stories out there, written by women.While I was working on it, I realized a few things:I have read a lot more very scary books written by men, than I have women. (The Dead Path still gives me the shivers, ages after I read it.)...more
Good choices.more

What's the Scariest Movie You've Ever Seen?

Time to talk about things that go bump in the night.  It's Halloween, so we'd like to ask about the scariest movie you've ever seen.  Was it "Jaws" when the hapless skinny dipper was yanked in the dark by an unseen Great White shark?  Was it actor John Hurt in the movie "Alien", having a really, really bad case of indigestion?  Maybe ghost stories make you want to scream your head off?...more
The Blair witch story Slept with the lights on and still gives me the creeps. more

Prison Break: A Halloween Story

We have a Superyard. If you're lucky enough not to be intimately acquainted with its form and function, a Superyard is a plastic fenced area for your home in which your child(ren) can play safely....more
Hahaha! I hope you have a great time tonight! I use to have a prison yard! It provided peace ...more

Happy Halloween!!!

Remember, my little ghosts and goblins...you are never too old to have a little fun!!  Happy Halloween, everybody!!...more