Easy, Green, and Inexpensive Halloween Ideas

This post was originally published last year at Halloween. Hope you find it helpful! This year my older son is going to be an astronaut and my younger son will be a puppy. I thought afterwards that I should've had my younger son be an alien, oh well....more

A Halloween Buffet

Disclaimer:  This is NOT for eating!!  This is strictly for creeping people out!!What you'll need:Blindfolds for your guestsCreepy Halloween music or sound effectsVarious dishesTablePaper towelsThe Buffet:Cold, cooked spaghetti noodles for intestinesPeeled grapes for eyeballsDried apricots for tonguesUn-popped popcorn for teethLarge peeled tomato for heartCorn silk for hairSlab of jello for liverPeeled melon half for brainBreadsticks for bones...more

Toddler Tricks - 65: The Halloween Edition

Problem: You are going trick or treating. But where should you go, what should your child wear, and how long should you stay out? Solution: Let's take these one at a time....more

The making of a costume

Step 1 - Ask child what he wants to be for Halloween.Step 2 - Hold your breath in anticipation of child coming up with something really hard to assemble.[I made a mistake in my earlier post, this year he wants to be a knight in shining armour, skeleton, bird. Yes, all three because that's how he rolls.]Step 3 - Ponder for a moment & wait for the light bulb moment - aha!...more

Just Rewards

Monocle, Owl, LampLinz, Austria.  April 30, 1945.A man moved casually down a dark alley, unafraid of the dense fog and dark shadows.  Seen only from behind he was any old Joe; any man with an overcoat and hat, collar up against the cold winter night.  He stopped in front of a doorway, checked the address against a paper in his hand and knocked....more
Horror affects everybody different, and I really liked this one. But oh-well. I will be coming ...more

Show & Tell: NieNie Asks -- Are You All Set for Halloween?

Do your children have their costumes for Halloween? Do you? What are you going to be? Show me a photo!! ...more
I don't know how to post a picture but we are being smurfs this year! I have all our costumes ...more


BOO!I'm crackin up over here! These little ghosts are causing way too much giggling for someone alone in the house!But look at them?...more
I love these! Dare I say - they look adorable!more

The Forbidden Affy Tapples

To help alleviate my guilt over never doing Market Day or Innisbrook fundraising, here is visual proof that I willingly jumped right on board for the big Affy Tapple school sale:...more
@We Band of Mothers Yum! I would be on number four by now :)more

8 Easy Tricks to Hosting a Halloween Bash

By Tara Riceberg, Guest Contributor – Party Planning & EntertainingThrowing a Halloween party doesn’t have to be spooky. With these tricks, your guests will be treated to a frightfully fun time!...more

A Halloween Costume Nightmare

This is an update to my previous post The Halloween Overachiever.When I last wrote, I was beginning to feel the stress of another Halloween. In fact, I was already doubting whether I could actually pull off my daughter’s costume this year. This stress lasted all the way up until the last second when I finally had to put it on her....more