Feelin Witchy and introducing Haus of Steen

Happy Tuesday Peoples!  I am loving the Halloween vibe today!Check out my mouthwash hahaha...more

Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes for women run the gamut from classy to sexy, and cute to playful....more

Frugal Halloween Costumes

Besides being a very frugal mom, I am also very creative and in tune with my kids' needs.  I know they would rather have that costume in the store that looks super cool, but I am not paying $30 for plastic clothes that they will only wear for less than an hour a year.  Here are the ideas I have used in the past. 1. Shop thrift stores.  Sweat pants and sweat shirts go with any costume idea.  If you shop off season, you might find premade classics like skeleton, pumpkin or furry animals....more

Halloween Love Fest: Sparkly Halloween Crafts

  This is the second part to my Halloween Love Fest Series. ...more

Leftover Halloween Candy Pretzel Bites

Halloween Candy Pretzel BitesRecipe from The TableTo continue with the Leftover Halloween Candy series, I’ve added a recipe that is quick and easy. Well, it wasn’t so easy the first dozen times I tried it, but I’ll get to that later. These adorable little Pretzel Bites are perfect to pour into a snack bowl if you have company over. You have to be careful though: these things are so addicting, you’ll eat a dozen in the blink of an eye!...more

#Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Ideas!

You’ll love these photos! I hope! I made them up on PicMonkey.The old jack-o-lantern is getting a serious makeover!  Give your neighbors front-porch-envy come Halloween. And they’re wicked-easy, so this holiday go over-gourd!...more

The Scariest (and Tastiest) Places in America

Halloween is here and that means ghouls, goblins, ghosts and gore! Sure, you can stop in to a local haunted attraction but why not mix some fun travel and adventure in with your fright? This great nation is full of some rich, and dark, history, so why not check some of it out at the scariest time of year? And while you're ghost hunting, be sure to explore the area and some of the local healthy, vegan and gluten free fare!Here's my list of the scariest places in America as well as where to dine!...more

Mini Reese's Cheesecakes - Perfect for leftover Halloween Candy!

Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecakes with Chocolate Ganache ...more
There will be NO leftover Reese's at our house, for sure.more

6 Things to do with Pumpkins Besides Carving!

The other day I was thinking of some other things that I could do with pumpkins besides carve them, or just leave them there to look pretty. Since I'm not that good at carving.. the thing I made last year looked like a freaky clown... I really thought about using them in the way that I would use other things in my own home.. except just now let pumpkins do that work!So here is what I came up with--you can personalize any of what I've shown below to suit your own style and decor!  Have fun and make this a family project!...more
Sure. Here you go then Pumpkin Fritters. 2 cups cooked mashed pumpkin Half cup cake flour 1 ...more

Easy DIY Halloween Crafts

Halloween is almost here!  I love scoping out clearance sections for deals on seasonal decor.  My favorites are Target, Williams-Sonoma, Bath & Body Works and Kohl's - unfortunately, it can be hit or miss at times.  Sometimes, stores will have great looking decor at winning prices, and other times, they seem to market cheaply made or too-trendy items that aren't even worth purchasing at 90% off.  An easy way...more