The Food of Harry Potter: How to Make Drooble's Best Blowing Gum

Honeydukes was so crowded with Hogwarts students that no one looked twice at Harry. He edged among them, looking around, and suppressed a laugh as he imagined the look that would spread over Dudley’s piggy face if he could see where Harry was now....more

I Really Hate Halloween

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I hate Halloween. I think it's gross, weird and needlessly scary. And seeing gravestones in my neighbors' yards always upsets me. But maybe I'm just missing the boat here, so could you please explain to me why I should change my mind and get into the fun?Signed,Halloween Hater...more
Now that my only child has turned 18, he doesn't want to celebrate ANY holidays, let alone ...more

Don't Ruin Halloween With Healthy 'Treats,' Give Out Candy Instead

You all remember that house, as a kid, growing up? The one that gave you a Ziploc bag full of baby carrots for Halloween? Remember what happened? You stopped going to that house.You see, Halloween's not about foraging for produce. You didn't squeeze yourself into an ill-proportioned costume, cover yourself in non-hypoallergenic makeup, and roam the streets for hours, alternately picking up your mask and pulling your costume out of the way to keep from tripping, to bring home carrots. You just didn't. ...more
Aww! such so cute idea i love those teeth candymore

See Most of the DIY Videos right here in the postThese costumes are very easy to make.I found these while looking for a craft for my grandchildren. I thought some of you might want to see them. I put the URL under each item.. They’re a compilation of what I could find. I hope you find some things you like and want to make. ...more

Some thoughts on Slutoween

**Are costumes like this slutty?** ...more

DIY Googly Eye Halloween Wreath

Sometimes I go through these phases where I feel like my creativity well has completely dried up. Every idea that I have seems to originate from Pinterest (which I usually love but all of a sudden detest) and it sends me into a downward spiral that ends up in me asking my husband what I’m doing with my life....more

Easy To Make Halloween Costumes (20+)

Easy To Make Halloween CostumesMonarch Butterfly -...more

My favorite childhood costume

My favorite childhood costume was the fariy princess one. Every year I begged my mom to get me that costume. I even had the wand . It was awesome!I always felt like it made me pretty!...more

Playing dressup

Despite the fact that as an adult I've never much liked wearing costumes, "playing dressup" was a favourite source of amusement, providing hours and hours of fun and stimulating my fertile imagination, when I was a child. ...more

What will I be for Halloween?

Will I dress up for halloween? Well,to be honest I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a little girl.However,I suppose if I would be dressing up for the occasion  I would pick a pretty witch costume. I would be a pretty witch and not the ugly old hag that rides a broom....more