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DIY Halloween for the Non-Crafty Person

I will be the first to admit that Halloween is probably my least favorite festivity. But that does not mean I am a party pooper. Au contraire! With two young girls in the house, I have to keep my ghoulish spirits up during this time of year.And although I can’t say either that I am a very crafty person, I do like to do fun projects with my girls who love being creative. So, this year I searched for a few simple things for us to do together and I came up with some great ideas....more

Halloween Mantle

I just finished decorating my mantle for Halloween and wanted to share.The gray fabric was from Dollar Tree, the candelabra, candles, and blocks are from Target, and the ghost globes are from Lowes. I bought the creepy wire tree from a friend, and made the banner myself, using this tutorial....more

The View From Under

It's that time of year again. Wait for it: (40 sec) I offer strategies to help women connect on a personal level with their purpose and share it. Collectively we offer healing change through service.   Visit - http://...more

Monster Cookies - Just in time for Halloween!

My son loves cookies. He's two years old and he's got the Cookie Monster act down to a fine art, complete with fingers wiggling and crumbs flying everywhere as he devours a cookie. I'm not exaggerating. Below is his favourite homemade cookie recipe. Today I substituted grated carrots for half of the apple. You can used raisins or any dried fruit....more

Glow in the Dark Faux-Corset Top

My 18-year-old daughter Maya runs a web site called and has a cool project for Halloween! She made a faux corset on a T-shirt using 3D glow in the dark paint!CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL TUTORIAL!...more

October is for Apple Picking and Halloween, not Christmas Decorating

 While shopping at Lowe’s this weekend, my family was greeted by a large inflatable Santa Claus.Santa Claus shouldn't be waving to us in October....more

The Woman I Am (A Halloween Story)

As we draw closer to one of my favorite days of celebration, I can’t help but think back to my childhood in Columbus, Georgia and the town's most popular destination for Halloween.The couple called it "Trick for a Treat" and the fee could be as simple as a summersault or as melodious as a tune.Even knowing the mouthwatering treats came at a price, costumed children lined up in front of this house to earn a small bag of the best candy in the neighborhood....more
@alienbody@isthisthemiddle I remember the open fields in Livermore and it had that farm ...more

Craft a Glittered Pumpkin Halloween Cocktail Ring

Today I have a fun tutorial over on the Crafty Modern blog on how to make a fab--easy-- glittery Halloween Pumpkin Cocktail Ring.  Felicity ...more

Graveyard Shift: Supper at Oakland Cemetery

A chilly October mist settles over us the minute we step into the graveyard, making us a little unsure about having agreed to dine with the dead, but Esther Andrew and Chef Evan Cordes are about to shift our way of thinking. ...more