It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Yeah...already.

Here it is, nearly November and I’ve got Christmas on the mind. Please save me the the snarl of your nose and the shrillness of your gasp when you exclaim, “It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!” Yes, I know that. I know how a calendar works, too. Thanks.Truth be told, I did not come to this mentality freely. I have been bamboozled! I hate this rushed season as much as the next person.  Especially since by the time Christmas actually gets here all I do is thank God it’s over.Oh, and Happy Birthday, Jesus.But it happens. It’s everywhere....more

Cleaver Cupcakes

Halloween is quickly approaching, and I’ve got another fun dessert for you!  I saw these candy cleavers in a grocery store around Halloween last year and snatched them up. The package had a picture of the cupcakes I did below on it. I love seeing pictures of creative desserts and making them at home. They were super easy and a lot of fun. The cleavers are sold out on Wilton’s website, but they’re still available on Amazon....more

Curry roasted pumpkin seeds

I have one word (ahem, hashtag) for you today: #TGIF!That is all.I’ll keep this post short and sweet because it’s Friday and I bet you have better things to do than sit here and read about pumpkin seeds!  (I don’t, however, but that’s just me. *starts Googling pumpkin seeds*)...more

Halloween healthy eating tips (for adults)

This year Halloween falls on a Friday. I can’t think of anything more perfect! There’s time to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters, watch some Treehouse of Horror reruns, get all costumed up, hit a house party and then enjoy some leftover mini chocolate bars back at home before hitting the hay. The icing on the cake: not having to worry about getting up early the next morning!...more

How to make a stay-at-home mom costume

Halloween is almost here. You might have your kids’ outfits picked out, and maybe you don’t yet. Don’t worry momma, you’ll figure something out and the world will keep on turning.But what about you? Do you have a costume picked out yet? ...more
BNadyn Oh my goodness, that is a fantastic idea!more

Super Spooky Halloween Munch

Scary How Fast They Grow

Last night I took the girls to Wheeler Farm for the Pumpkin Days event.  All three of the girls loved it!  Wheeler Farm is a beautiful, historic, working farm that Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation runs in Murray, Utah.  It consists of an original farmhouse, barn and restored outbuildings.  It is right in the middle of the county and is stroller friendly and wheelchair accessible.  F...more

Things That Go Bump in the Night: 10 Books to Read for Halloween

October is one of my favorite months, if that wasn’t abundantly clear in my Fall post. It’s apple and pumpkin picking season, Halloween is on it’s way, and it’s the perfect time to read a scary book. I started out October with Stephen King, perfect, right? But now I want to continue on my scary path so, inspired by Lucy at The Reading Date, I decided to make my own #FullSpookOctober reading list!...more

Pumpkin Dip

There are tons of pumpkin recipes everywhere this time of year, but I promise that you'll want to make room on your dessert list for just one more pumpkin recipe...this delicious dip! ...more

Halloween Air Plant Terrarium