My favorite childhood costume

My favorite childhood costume was the fariy princess one. Every year I begged my mom to get me that costume. I even had the wand . It was awesome!I always felt like it made me pretty!...more

Playing dressup

Despite the fact that as an adult I've never much liked wearing costumes, "playing dressup" was a favourite source of amusement, providing hours and hours of fun and stimulating my fertile imagination, when I was a child. ...more

What will I be for Halloween?

Will I dress up for halloween? Well,to be honest I haven't dressed up for Halloween since I was a little girl.However,I suppose if I would be dressing up for the occasion  I would pick a pretty witch costume. I would be a pretty witch and not the ugly old hag that rides a broom....more

Halloween Decorations...for Rednecks

Halloween Decoration Ideas...for Rednecks.You may or may not have some of these and you may or may not even know it, but I'm going to show you some great ideas for Halloween decorating like a real redneck.I did not find these on Pinterest, but you know that this topic deserves the spotlight. Like, top 10 pins or some shit.Here we go......more

Halloween costumes gone wrong

Sassy is another word for sexy in costume marketing speak...more

Ghoulishly Good Adult Halloween Party Ideas & Tips!

I've always wanted to throw a ghoulish Halloween party for adults only. I've thrown my share of kid & teen Halloween parties and potlucks but I want to do a more elegant, creepy themed party now. ...more

Candy Corn Cookies

Before the baking frensy of the holidays are upon us, I thought I'd share a family favorite that can be done with any regular sugar cookie recipe. They are great for treat bags, kids school parties or to take to the office.. Read how to make them at, can't seem to get picture to load, but it's on my post as well as my Fall Leaf Cookies)...more

Happy October 1st! Boo to You!

 My excitement for Halloween started with a cute toddler voice requesting to see the "pooky" stuff at Target. Before this I was not a fan of anything Halloween but the mispronunciation of the word spooky made me a sucker for this time of year....more

Creative boom....preparing for halloween

What's been happening??  I think I am suffering from creative overflow at the moment:I am waking up in the night with a new idea of some sort, and keep going off on tangents...never actually getting anything done...Our house (Read cupboards...hidden away from Mr.) is filled to the brim with half done projects and various art supplies...It is all making me a bit dizzy!!...more

Gluten Free Halloween Candy Corn Pudding

 Looking for a fun and pretty gluten free dessert for this kids this halloween?...more