Harry Potter; Weasleys’ Dragon Roasted Nuts

If a miniature dragon in a wizarding vending machine was to roast nuts and pop them out to you, this is what the nuts would taste like....more
Now I want butterbeer and I'm all out of butterbeer supplies. - Karenmore

What Do You Want To BE This Halloween?

 I should have avoided the store.  Instead, I let the nostalgic memories from childhood celebrations lure me in, and I found myself dumbstruck in the local Spirit Halloween store.  What has become of October 31st?...more

Cosplay and Halloween

I am not into Halloween nor playing “dress-up” or costumes. Never really was, even as a child. Yes I dressed up for Trick-or-Treating when I was little but past 4-5th grades? Not really. I don’t even dress up to take Charlie trick or treating.Robert and I did dress up for my BIL’s surprise birthday party last year but that is unusual for us....more
@texasebeth A friend of ours hosts a Halloween party every year. :)more

Halloween in July? You Betcha!

Lightened-Up Butternut Squash Mac-n-Cheese Skillet

[Editor's Note: Though this post was originally intended as a treat for a Halloween dinner, it would be equally at home now, when butternut squash is still very much in season and many people are looking for recipes that are decadent without going overboard. This recipe has the creaminess of cheese, but gets a big nutritional boost (and caloric bonus) from all the butternut squash mixed in. --Genie]...more
@Multitalentedmommy a little bit. It doesn't really taste squash-y. It adds some sweetness and ...more

Trick or Treat: A Night of Firsts

As I watched the clock slip silently past 4pm, I had become slightly anxious about my plan to stay home for Halloween. I was ready to collect the kids and take them to the local Jack o’ Lantern display. I was ready to turn off all the lights and return home well after any Scream-masked figure would darken my door.I was outta there....more

Halloween; Better Late Than...

It's taken me almost a full week to recover from all that is Halloween (and work events, and emails, and voicemails...).  But prepare to be photobombed real quick here in a few.  I don't normally entertain with lots of photos of my family and kids- or at least not too many for various reasons.  I worked really hard on the Bowser costume, and then celebrated at how easy a mini-Princess Peach costume worked out.  Because I was so super duper behind on my costume-diy-timeline, both my and Jay's Mario and Luigi costumes were store bought.  That's it; my disclaimer....more

Mom as honey boo boo

True story. Well actually it was my mom dressed as Little Ms. Honey boo boo. A local bar here always has a costume contest with awesome prizes and mom was determined to win. We got a bubble gum pink dress from a local thrift store, a blonde wig, and trashy makeup. Hallie donated her stuff pig and we took and old horse show trophy and wrote "Grand Supreme" on it....more

More Hairbrained Musings-- the Halloween Edition (16)

More moments and musings from a never-idle mind......more