The Top 4 Handbags You Need For Fall


5 Tips on Choosing the Perfect Handbag

A handbag represents a unique sense of fashion as like dress, shoes and other accessories that you wear. The perfect handbag can enhance your style and add a bit of sophistication to your look. As a working woman, I typically seek a handbag that compliments my body and is large enough for my essentials such as cell phone, billfold, makeup, etc. ...more

Splurge vs. Steal - Leather totes


Gwen Stefani ShoeDazzle Collection Offers Affordable Shoes and Bags

Rock star turned fashion designer, Gwen Stefani, collaborated with retailer (which was started by reality star, Kim Kardashian, and creatively led by celebrity stylist and womenswe...more

Handbags – F/W 2013 Trends

If you are not sure what kind of handbag to get this season, here is the ultimate fall/winter shopping guide. With the beggining of new fashion season, colours tend to be fuscous and shapes more practical. Leading trend is punk, so bags have this wicked look, often complemented with rivets....more

The Arthritic Years

Ow. It’s 2:15am and my shoulder is killing me. Not a fresh, just fell downtype of ache, but an ache of my age.The post 50 yank of a dog leash,heavy handbag on shoulder,carrying 16 years of school booksshoulder, the Charles Atlas carrying the weight of the world onmy shoulders. ...more

Can't Get Enough

Hi, my name is Judy, and I love handbags.  Just when I thought I had enough, they pulled me back in the store--pleading and begging to come home with me.  I cannot resist the pretty colors and the multifunctional pockets with adjustable straps.  The leather, yes, the leather....more

What I Found in my Closet this Week...Week #8

What I Found in my Closet this Week…  (Day 56 of the 365 Day Challenge)  **Hobo Handbag**   ...more

What would I do.....

With a purse like this.... Being on bed rest I get to think of all philosophical stuff like that. And this thought made me think of a conversation I had with someone. "What would you do with a purse like that?" Well, it made me think, what would I do? Knowing me I would do the unthinkable, I would use it. GASP! Oh my God, the thought of it. Yes, I would open that Gucci or Fendi bag,put my crap in it, and use it....more