It's so Etsy: luxurious handsewn leather totes

Gorgeous leather totes by Etsy artist and BlogHer member Joanna are available at her shop cecil and edith. You can read more about Joanna at her blog stardustshoes....more

textile tuesday...a cj treat

ah tuesday is here and that means more treasures and treats from craftjuice i wanted to focus on the magic of textiles, i love to use fabric and odd bits in my mixed media jewelry pieces and am always amazed at what can be done with fabric, yarn and the holiday seasons is fast approaching and the question of what should i get...?...more

Handmade Day of the Dead Contest

Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday celebrated on November 2nd, for family and friends to get together and remember friends and family members who have died. This holiday is often characterized by private alters that honor the deceased through the use of sugar skulls, marigolds, and favorite food and drink....more

Exciting New Hand Crafted Motherly Law Button

Button, button, who's got a button? I do, and it's a beauty! My friend and fellow blogger, the wonderfully talented Gussy, made it for me. (Psst…If you don't know Gussy go check out her fabulously ruffled, handmade bags)....more

It's so Etsy: Down2Earth handmade jewelry

I have two relatives with birthdays coming up and I'm thinking of buying them each a piece of hand-hammered and hand-stamped jewelry created by Michell Mathis, an Etsy artist and mother of two. The handmade jewelry is available at down2earthjewelry at Etsy....more

The Handmade Salty Seas Seafarer's Contest

Salt bar soaps are amazingly rejuvenating. The handmade, cold process salt bar soaps from Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen are the perfect soaps for all skin types. Great as facial bars or all over, these bars contains both shea and cocoa butters as well as an abundance of skin loving oils such as Olive and Rice Bran, both known for their moisturizing properties. They also contains sea salt, known for it's healing properties....more

Simplify your holiday gift giving with handmade gift boxes.

It's never too early to start planning your gift giving for the holiday season. After all, it takes time to find something special for each recipient, and you certainly don't want to give a gift that's going to be returned the next day. But it's not just the gifts that are important. The presentation of your gifts is important as well. And if you're a busy mom - aren't all moms busy? - sometimes you just don't have the time to wrap after the shopping is done....more

Crafting for the crafter.

As fall approaches, those us who craft kick into high gear preparing for the winter holiday season. Often times, this means selling on farmer's markets and at craft shows. It was by pure luck that I stumbled across this awesome design for a market/craft apron. ...more

End of the season peachy preservation.

Alas, peach season is almost over. I've really enjoyed the local peaches at our farmer's market this year. They've been sweet, juicy, and just down right delicious. Fortunately, there is a way to keep those peaches around through the winter. Homemade Peach Chutney is the perfect solution, and way less boring than plain old canned peaches....more

A hint of lemon by the kitchen sink.

Ah, how the kitchen does torture us. But that doesn't mean we can't fight back. Good Life Eats™ Blog has a wonderful recipe for an All Natural Moisturizing Kitchen Scrub....more