Homemade Gifts vs. Handmade Gifts, for Christmas

I'm a great proponent of homemade gifts. I love the intent and thought put into them and have spent many Christmases making presents. I've made aprons and pickles and marinated manchego cheese. I've knitted scarves and bagged rosemary-roasted cashews. But this year I have a full-time job outside my home and plan on continuing the tradition of homemade gifts by buying handmade things from the internet! ...more
Enjoyed your post. I am a crafter and baker and so I make a lot of my own gifts.  This year I am ...more

Jar Lids and Rings! Jar Lids and Rings! Oh my!!

  Well, I can't really explain what it is that comes over me, but suddenly I will get an idea and it just takes me over completely.  One day I started thinking about chicken wire and I went on a rampage making all kinds of things out of chicken wire.  One day it was doilies, one day angels with wooden bead heads.  I can't figure it, but it is fun....more

DIY Printable 'Boo from the Crew' Halloween Cupcake Toppers & Garland

To make your Halloween party complete, here are DIY Printable 'Boo from the Crew' Cupcake Toppers and Garland to match last weeks {DIY Printable Boo from the Crew Halloween Invites}. Enjoy!...more

Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

What could be better than to find out so many other people are interested in domestic 101. By trade I'm a published childrens author/ illustrator, "The Very Compromising Adventures Of Thumby Blackstone", I have written a series of books that bring some fresh family ideas using little or now money to the table. Thrifty is my middle name, if theres a way to accomplish  a way to do something with little or no money I will find it. I am looking forward to bringing thrifty adventures to my readers....more

The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide

The Handmade Holiday Gift Guide features handmade products and will be available free online as an electronic catalog for Christmas shoppers. You can have your holiday items seen by thousands of potential customers. The gift guide will be made available October 15th, 2012.Rates:300 x 300 pixels - $5.00½ page - three 200x200 pictures recommended.Full page - $20.00 – this can include your logo also.  Six 200x200 pictures are recommended....more

Blue and Yellow

Finally– after days spent typing rather than sewing, and a weekend spent tax-free shopping for the new condo– I finished up a commission that’s long been in the works.I’ve been making quite a few custom baby quilts these days and I have to say, people are getting wonderfully creative with nursery color schemes. The days of all-pink and all-blue seem to be behind us....more
I LIKE your quilts, they are strikingly bold and beautiful. Could you please enlightening me? I ...more

It's so Etsy: London Calling

Are you watching the Olympics in London this week? I love visiting London so I rounded up a list of four fabulous London-themed items on Etsy. Check them out below. It's never to early to start your holiday shopping—Christmas is only 145 days away.Here are the links on Etsy for my London favorites:...more
We got so many compliments for this phone booth. It's really cute, one of the best selling cases ...more