NEW Children's Summer Bracelets by Akemanartist on Etsy

Great bracelet gifts for the child or preteen in your life.  Bracelets are bright, fun, a joy to wear and the little lampwork beads are adorable and quirky.

Great Balls of Fabric

I'm still working bit by bit on transforming my house.  I am almost done painting the peacock feather (if my kids sleep, it will be done tonight or tomorrow!) and worked on bringing in some colors and fabric that I wanted to see in my TV room.  One thing that annoys me is having a lot of stuff around that's just decorative STUFF.  Especially if my kids can get into it, break it, or otherwise sully it....more

Why Natural Toys? Reason #6873

OK, you caught me. I don't really have almost 7 000 reasons, or at least not that I have blogged about! But close! ...more

I was so delighted to see this post in praise of handmade, natural toys! I am a Waldorf early ...more

New Art and Children's Bracelet

Pleasing Purple Treasury Great Finds at Great Buys

 apothacary chest by RavynsprtGlimmering Gems Purple HeartAnd there is more to find on this treasury I made of all the purple items I had found and favorited on Etsy.  Come and explore!...more

Dragon for Sale

Punky Pandapunk the Handmade Original bear by Baileys Bruins

 Punky Panda Punk Rock Bear by BaileysBruins on Etsy

How to make custom lip balm - Easy DIY lip balm recipes to get you started.

Have you ever wanted to make your own lip balms? Making lip balms is easy, although it can be a bit messy as well. The reward is well worth the clean up though!  ...more

Celtic Creativity Treasury on Etsy! am so honored to be chosen in this treasury, and have my Celtic Knotwork Wolf painting featured!  This is a neat treasury and I hope you will like it as well. There are a lot of neat items including a toddler sized Scally cap and it looks soo cute!...more

CMB Display Designs Gift Certificate Giveaway

CMB Display Designs is a small indie biz run by an Ohio gal named Carolyn. Inspired by the idea of one-of-a-kind treasures and vintage finds with history, Carolyn creates and sells handmade framed cork boards and decorative push pins along with vintage accessories and housewares in her shop....more