What I Love Wednesday linky party No. 16

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Cottage Rose Bliss

I wanted to create something special this week. Something that is new for me, and has never been kreated by me. I am teaching myself how to make fabric roses. I have a video on my blog from about a year ago. I didn't really understand how, just from the video. But after getting started on this pretty, I gave the fabric rose my own take on how I wanted it to look like....more

Thank you Mrs_Wonder! I wish I could perfect a crochet rose! I have a tutorial on how to create ...more

A DIY clean for an OCD happy.

When I am stressed I do the obvious things. I read, I veg in front of Netflix watching bad movies and sci-fi series that I never would have known about if not for the internet. I nap - sometimes a little too much. I try not to yell and snap at the those around me trying to be helpful when I just want to be left alone. But days like today, when my life is in complete chaos... Days like this the little things don't help. So it's days like these that I clean....more

Baking soda and castile soap is my favorite way to scrub sinks and tubs. It really does get ...more

Adorable Black & Silver Glitter, Flower Sewing Box - Magnetized

 Adorable Black & Silver Glitter, Flower Sewing Box - Magnetizedhttp://www.etsy.com/listing/73826549/adorable-black-silver-glitter-flower?ref=pr_faveitems...more

Meet Me in IRELAND

http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4dc8bc28d9f56d91bd541a1a/the-emerald-isle BeardedPigeon's Ireland pillow cover...more

Handmade Greeting Card Giveaway from Julie Ann Art

Handwritten notes are fabulous to give and receive. In the age of technology, emails and text messages, a physical thinking of you is both memorable and just plain awesome. So share your thanks, love or just a hello with a handmade greeting card from Julie Ann Art. Right now Julie Anna is giving away a $25 gift certificate to her shop....more

The art of creativity

  Dryad Awakes and Lady of the Loch...more

Julie, I'm sorry but I had to delete your link from my Linky Party. The collection is for ...more

Homemade Foot Scrub

This delightful and simple diy recipe for creating your own handmade foot scrub is courtesy of my guest blogger, Julie Anna of Julie Ann Art Blog. Julie loves to blog about crafty projects and fun handmade finds she's discovered. She's also owner of the indie biz Julie Ann Art on Etsy where she sells a variety of unique, handmade greeting cards....more
this stuff is incredibe! Thank SO much! x more

Letter Lighting: How to Make a Font Lantern

Want a quick and easy way to make your space look super hip in only a couple hours? I wish I could tell you that this was hard, but it was sooooo easy. It just took the time to randomly stick vinyl letter type stickers in various sizes (I purchased mine at Michaels) to a plain white paper lantern. You could do this with really any kind of plain sticker....more

this would be adorable in my preschooler's room above his bed.more

Great Gifts for UNDER 20$

http://www.etsy.com/treasury/4dba3a7968da6d91ebb12852/great-gifts-under-20 Those lovely candle sticks got sold so I changed the picture to that of Sacred Suds Green Man soap.  Says it has a lovely woodsy scent....more