DIY Summer parties.

Summer is the perfect time for a party. And after finding all sorts of amazing party themed eye candy recently, I figured I'd combine a few of the party ideas I found into a blog post to share with you! My birthday is in June, and if I was still brave enough to host my own garden party, these are a few of the things I'd enjoy at my get together....more

All Things Under the Sea Colwell mixed media  part of mermaid treasury...more

A Giveaway!

Hello everyone! Guess what?! I've decided to have my very first giveaway on this blog in honor of going over 100 followers! =) I'm very excited!!  The giveaway items are: 1 bar of my Lavender Soap, and 1 tin of my organic Lavender and Citrus Hand and Body cream!...more

Rain rain go away, enjoy a flower inside today!

It's another rainy Saturday afternoon, but I suppose that's April for you. After all, we can't have May flowers without a few April showers. My dad planted the tomato plants I bought him yesterday so they'd get a good soaking today. They were already blooming and a good two and a half feet high. Still, while the rain helps all those gorgeous flowers and crops grow, it is quite dreary when you've just spent a week enjoying the sun and the slowly developing warmer weather.  ...more

A mossy situation. DIY terrariums and more.

So, I guess it's time to fess up I quit going to the gym. It's not that I couldn't cut it, but really, I prefer to do things quietly in the fortitude of my own home. Plus, if I had my significant other tell me how to breath properly one more time, it was going to bring our newly mended relationship to a crumbling halt. Okay, yeah. I breath wrong. I breath in during the hard part and out during the easy part. If I still hurt the next day, you can't tell me exercise doesn't work if I'm breathing wrong....more

Can't I just do yoga?

Skinny Yoga Mat Bag in Morning Glory, US $34.00 from Crzy Bag Lady Designs...more

New Scented Solid Sugar Scrub Cubes

I now have five new, natural, scented solid sugar scrub cubes for sale at Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen! Choose from natural lavender, chamomile neroli, cucumber, strawberry champagne, and pina colada! ...more

Jennifers handmade crochet baby clothes, accessories and so much more

  Hi My name is Jennifer, I love to Crochet and I love children.  I make hand-made crocheted baby clothes, dress, christening gowns, cardigans, hats, beanies, crocheted flowers, Great gift items for expecting moms and so much more.   I was raised around crochet and it just comes naturally for me, i want to share my love for the hobby and make timeless treasures for families to love for years and years.  I just started my own business of selling my hand-made baby items on and still struggling with getting my name out there.  I hope you enjoy my ...more

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This has been a long journey. I used to think that the light at the end of the tunnel was a freight train coming at me, but what I didn't realize was there were two tracks in that tunnel and fortunatley I was standing the other track as the train sped by. So at some point trought all of this I had a choice, whether conscious or not, to get or stay on the alternate track. Close enough so I could feel the hot, still air in the tunnel and smell the burning coal as the train passed. But far enough away that I was safe and able to carry on and reach the light....more

following the LEADER

We live in West Africa with three boys under the age of 5 who officially belong to us, two teenage [American] girls who wanted to live with us, and one 12 year old [Nigerien] boy who is just passing through on his way to an American adoption. We love to travel, feed the hungry, learn new languages, do art with local kids, teach music to small children, had a pet monkey, find time to quilt, make dinner from scratch, foster local kids, raise chickens (or feed the neighborhood cats), and love the wide world all around us....more