The Light at the End of the Tunnel

This has been a long journey. I used to think that the light at the end of the tunnel was a freight train coming at me, but what I didn't realize was there were two tracks in that tunnel and fortunatley I was standing the other track as the train sped by. So at some point trought all of this I had a choice, whether conscious or not, to get or stay on the alternate track. Close enough so I could feel the hot, still air in the tunnel and smell the burning coal as the train passed. But far enough away that I was safe and able to carry on and reach the light....more

following the LEADER

We live in West Africa with three boys under the age of 5 who officially belong to us, two teenage [American] girls who wanted to live with us, and one 12 year old [Nigerien] boy who is just passing through on his way to an American adoption. We love to travel, feed the hungry, learn new languages, do art with local kids, teach music to small children, had a pet monkey, find time to quilt, make dinner from scratch, foster local kids, raise chickens (or feed the neighborhood cats), and love the wide world all around us....more

Kid Birthday Party Ideas

Just had a bday party for our daughter and did a Kokeshi Doll themed party including painting wood dolls. Posted pics and how-tos on our blog

Soap Spitters for Soap Fans!

57% off at Rebecca's Soap Delicatessen - One Day Only!

Well faithful followers it looks like is pushing through a special offer from my ...more

The Hostess with the Mostest Contest

The Hostess with the Mostest is giving away a free apron of your choice in the Hostess with the Mostest Contest!...more

ETSY Jewelry Giveaway :)

Hello Monday, there you are again ;) Today I will be mostly by myself since the hubs has to go into work for most of the day and so I can focus on the mountain of laundry piling up in my laundry room...;) I have also secretly been teaming up with some other awesome bloggers out there, to do some review/giveaway type of thing for my Etsy Shop....more

Handmade Jewelry from Sea Flower Studios

I recently discovered a wonderful new shop called Sea Flower Studios. Based in Toronto, Ontario this shop contains a delightful array of beautiful handmade jewelry....more

Sewing tutorial: A pillow for remote controls

Like many other Americans, by living room has been taken over by remote controls. Some I know how to use, and others I do not. It happens once per night that my husband asks, "Linds, have you seen the _____ remote?" It's not long 'til I'm bending over, digging in between couch cushions or looking under the shaggy rug for one of the remotes. Enter, the remote control pillow....more