How do you stay healthy and happy?

Are you confused by all of the seemingly conflicted nutritional advice out there? I know I am, and I'm a doctor. I actively seek out nutritional information and for the most part feel like I am well informed. Yet I still question my food choices. Both what I chose to eat for myself and my family but also what I recommend to patients....more

My Secret to Happiness

I'd say I'm a pretty happy person.A glass half-full type of person....more

11 Totally BS Things Life is Way Too Short For

Life is too short! Especially for these 11 common worries that just aren’t worth your energy. This is about to make you instantly feel better... Drop these worries and start putting your care and intention toward things that actually MATTER. ...more

Want to be Happier? Live by These 4 Rules

I bet you cringe at this sentence: “You deserve to be happy.” The idea feels selfish, demanding, too self-centered to utter out loud. “You deserve to be happy.”...more

3 Habits That Are Keeping You from Feeling Content

Contentment is often talked about elusively, not unlike the moment right before you fall into a deep sleep, or a sudden thrill of excitement and butterflies. Believing it's not something we can cultivate ourselves is exactly why we're not feeling content. As a woman who found she could be happier, more at peace and more content than ever before while facing her greatest hardship, I've come to understand that contentment has absolutely nothing to do with the outside world or circumstance....more
This is a great article. To focus on what is and what are and appreciate it.more

What's your retirement plan?

I'm only in my mid-30s. I love my job and my current life, but sometimes I like to fantasize about my retirement. My current plans include my husband and I living in a cabin in the mountains somewhere where our son can come and visit us when he wants his family to enjoy some snow. ...more

Why you should do what you love

I’ve always liked Life is Good paraphernalia. Maybe because of the story of the two brothers who started the company by selling T-shirts in college dorms and street fairs up and down the east coast while sleeping in their van.And maybe because they have a kids’ foundation that raises mega bucks to partner with organizations that provide quality care for the most vulnerable of children. Like those with cancer. And those in precarious situations....more

A beautiful moment

As a busy mom I don’t have a lot of time to process things when and the way I would like, to work through emotions from the day’s events, whatever those might be....more

Kiss Your Shitty Valentine’s Days Goodbye Forever!


Things I've Gotta Stop Doing (And You Probably Should, Too!)

I didn’t make any formal New Year’s resolutions this year.  Now that I think of it, I actually haven’t had a New Year’s resolution in quite a few years.  Is it because I’m perfect and free of flaws and don’t need to change a solitary thing about myself?Yes.  Yes it is....more