What Helps you Calm Your Inner Storm? Enter and Get Published

This writing challenge is posted on ReadWave, a writing site and will have multiple winners! There are two prizes for this challenge:1) If you are one of the winners your story will be published on the Calming Your Inner Storm facebook page which has over 150, 000 fans.2) Your story will also be included in the Calming Your Inner Storm ebook which is coming out later this year.Terms and Conditions:...more

Are You Raising Happy Kids?

I discovered the site Happify a little over a year ago. If you have been a long time reader, you know I did my own Happiness Project after reading Gretchen Ruben's book of the same name. And while it is hard to quantify happiness, I do think my happiness project helped me to figure out what makes me happy and strive to be a happier person. Am I constantly walking around filled with joy? Well, no. But I honestly don't think I ever will be, because that's just not my personality. ...more

Happy is a Razor

The tiny box of razor blades was right where I knew it would be, buried on the second shelf of the linen closet, amidst hotel bottles of shampoo and bubble packs of cold medicine. It was on my walk that it came to me. All the Facebook postings about International Happiness Day had me thinking about a razor....more

What’s Your Battle Cry? Beat the Blues in 30 Seconds a Day

Soothsayers claim that January and February are the most depressing months of the year. And the most depressing days in those months are the dreaded Blue Mondays.  And one of those dastardly days is upon us! What’s to be done? Shall we be overcome and drown in our own Haagen Dazs? Pull the covers over our heads and call in sick? Compete with the cat in a sleeping contest? (Your cat, incidentally, is not sleeping - she has her head in your melted ice cream.) Nay! I tell you, there is a better way! ...more

The Anatomy of Happiness

I had a nasty head cold a few days ago, but feeling lucky and grateful that it wasn't flu or anything more serious. As my symptoms locked me into a muted world of silence and drowsiness, I reflected on luck - what it is, who has it, who doesn't seem to have it and how to get it....more

Turn your face to the sun...

Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.~Charlotte Whitton~www.themotherofadventure.com...more

Training your brain to be happy

There's some really fascinating insight in this article -- not only about how to  make yourself happy -- but also about which professions are least happy and why.I'd heard that dentists have the highest suicide rate due to their (perceived) lack of status among other medical professionals and their patients dread of going to the dentist. But this article talks about a couple other professions:http://theweek.com/article/index/256206/how-to-train-your-brain-to-be-happy...more

Thinking About What I Read

I was reading an article earlier today inDailyGood News that Inspiresand here is what I learned and, of course, what I think:  (read more)...more

A Few Good Tips for Newly Weds

At one point or another in my life I have kept a journal, or a diary.  I found my last journal right before New Year's with all sorts of entries from myself about 7-8 years ago. Oh gosh...how time does change things....However, I do believe there is benefit to writing down your thoughts or the ideas of others that strike your fancy. Since New Years, I have been jotting down messages and quotes that I read in order to go back and reflect when I need a little pick me up or reality check....more

Don't Believe a Word I Say

Fourteen years ago, just weeks after becoming a new mother, I wandered into a “Meditation 101” class at a Buddhist center in New York City.I was a wreck.  My body was buzzing from sleep deprivation, and my mind was headed straight into an existential crisis over what was becoming of my life as I had known (and loved) it....more