Be Silly

Having fun and laughing came so easily when I was a kid. I think all the giggling was contagious. And even though I didn't know it then—laughter is a great stress reliever too....more

Happy Happy, Joy Joy

It just so happens that there are areas of the world that are way h...more
I love the idea of "hugging your way to the middle." And I guess I need to put Denmark on my ...more


 So lots of news in this post. First..the job I have been waiting to hear about.First a little back story. I have been talking to the kids about the possibility of moving. On one hand they were really excited. Especially Levi. Since his cousins would have been right there. Tess was 1/2 and 1/2. She was mostly concerned about starting over in a new school at this point.  Since I had no idea about the job I applied for I took extra time to really, really discuss it with her. The job my husband applied for is on hold by the company. We don’t know for how long, so that wasn’t an issue. If I got said job he could just transfer with his company.Tessa said that she really didn’t mind moving, but she didn’t want to switch schools. She said when she was done with 8th grade she would be happy too. Well that’s only a 1 1/2 away. Both kids have tons of friends. Tessa is really excelling in school and I really love her teachers and the staff. Levi is still younger and not much on the social part of school yet. Tess on the other hand has a very tight knit group of about 10 friends. I have spent the last two weeks doing nothing but thinking about this job and moving....more

"Blossom wherever you're planted!" and the eruption it caused on facebook

Blossom wherever you're planted!...more

Fear would make me crazy if I let it

My husband being out of town has made me realize that he is like a daily low-level dose of Valium, without which my inner crazy starts to emerge. You see, I have issues with being happy. If something great happens, I immediately panic that tragedy will strike within 24 hours to counterattack that happiness....more

How 10 Minutes a Day Can Lead to a Happier You ...more

Nothing Changes Until You Do

In a recent session with my counselor Eleanor, she said something simple, but profound to me; “Nothing changes until you do.” She went on to say, “Mike, you keep trying to control and manipulate the situations, relationships, and outcomes in your life – thinking that if they changed in the way you want them to, you’d then change and things would be better. It actually works the other way around.”...more

Doing What You Love: Myth or Worthwhile Dream?

Do you do what you love and get paid for it? There's the big dream of "do what you love and the money will follow". How realistic is it? Is getting paid for what you love a myth? A dream worth following? Here's a post that takes a little different slant to this age old question. ...more
Not a myth but you need to prepare and plan for how you're going to do it. Sometimes it means ...more

What Brings You Joy? Stop. Think. Make a List.

Today Daily Word  talked about what it is that brings us joy.  They suggested creating a “joy chest” of photographs, quotes, ideas, etc. that we can refer to when looking for joy in our lives. I smiled thinking about my blog. I seem to capture all those things right here. But I also decided to make a list of what brings me joy....more

Making Peace

Originally posted on January 3, 2013 at Two Martini Lunch....more