What Makes You Happy?

Can you name seven things that make you happy? I took the challenge…here are mine. I would love to see yours. (1). I lost a pan lid. I don’t know how one loses a quart-sized sauce pan lid, but I did. Little Boy Darling said worms carried it away. Congers up a fascinating image doesn’t it? Happiness entry number one--Living with a 3 year old. What a kick....more

Soul Mates: The myth of happily ever after

They told me after he rejected me that all my spiritual instincts were wrong.  They said that if we were really soul mates, it would be impossible for him to not recognize me as his soul mate, that if there really was what I sensed about him between us, that we would automatically live happily ever after, as if FINDING your soul mate were enough to make the Cinderella dream come true. ...more

Why are Some People Happier Than Others?

Sienna and EdricWho better to ask about happiness than kids – right? I mean they seem to have this whole happiness thing figured out quite well....more

I Could Be Happy If...

We've all heard that old saying about how money can't buy happiness.  And we know that's not entirely true, is it?  After all, money may not buy happiness - but it buys stuff.  And stuff makes us happy, right? On the surface there is nothing wrong with wanting things.  We've all been there.  I've been there.    I want things.  New things....more

I'm Grateful for Things Too!

Life Is Right

Joie, happy and content in her new home with us...more

The Little Things

It's the little things, really, that make motherhood so rewarding: The extra long hugs, especially when you know your kids don't usually ...more

Our Good Life Lately

Check out "Our Good Life Lately" here:http://thejoeandjill.blogspot.com/2012/10/our-good-life-lately.html...more

Are We Ambitious or Greedy?

"You know what is a funny thing about expectations?", my husband asked me last night, "how quickly they don't matter anymore." I looked at him, confused, so he continued: "Look at Kai. He is going to be so excited when he finally pees in the potty. And then few days later, it's going to be expected of him. It's going to be just something he does." He was right. It is especially noticeable in a life of a toddler. They reach new milestones almost every day. There is thrill and cheering and picture taking, and few days later, it's just another old trick....more

Make Beautiful Ripples Wherever You Are

Anxiety courses through me when more than one person needs me at the same time. For instance, not long ago, two very close friends were having a personal crisis at exactly the same moment. One of them was texting me. The other was calling. It all went down on a night that I usually reserved to do fun adventures with my kid.I couldn’t have an adventure with my kid and be there for both friends. I had to choose, and I felt horrible about that decision. It seemed no matter what choice I made, it didn’t feel right because there would be at least two people who I couldn’t help....more