So what does it take to be happy?

Most folks think they need something (or some things) to be happy. Those of you who've been reading my ramblings for a while probably think I'd be happy if I were able to achieve and maintain a normal weight. And I must admit, I'd be pretty happy if that were to happen.But that doesn't mean I'm not happy now, most of the time....more

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh (cross post)

Those of you who know me personally know that I have one of those loud laughs. When things are funny to me, I have to let it out. Holding it in gives me the reverse effect and I get sad. You either love it or you hate it. When I worked in "corporate America," you have no idea how many people have told me to "keep it down" or how many supervisors have "called me into the office for a chat" because of my loud laugh. I have found that the people that love my laugh find it infectious...when I laugh, they laugh....more Hey Robin, I so wish that I could be at the BlogHer conference, but money ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” And Think About What You Were Expecting 3-27-12

Life is getting on track.You’re now making your way.Forging on financially and most of your plans are beginning to bear fruit.Your spirits soar, your happiness is apparent.Opposing Energies: betrayal, disappointment, disruptionYou may be surprised by others’ behaviors to the point of disappointment.  This may not be all about them.Wide Awake Words™ for today: illusion, expectations, reality, loving-kindness...more

Are You Enjoying the Journey?

When you think of your current career path - whether employee or entrepreneur - are you enjoying it? Or are you plugging away striving for that next milestone? Because as the wise Ferris Bueller once said - "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." And if you only keep your nose to the grindstone as you try to "arrive" or "climb the ladder" you will miss it. ...more
@BlogHer Wonderful article, a reminder that we should enjoy today. Thanks for the post.more

This Ironic Life

Have you ever just taken a moment and wondered "how in the world did I end up here?"  Then at the exact same time be so grateful that you are.  To look at my life from the outside I don't think anyone would wanna trade.  You know like lunch in 3rd grade where you trade your healthy lunch for a half eaten PB &J with a couple of oreos.  Well I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have any takers- right now at least.  Me...41 currently pretty fat, getting divorced for the 2nd time, two kids still at home (from my first marrige), uncertainty at my job and living in a giant...more

Things That Delighted Me Today

Sometimes Mondays aren't so delightful. You know what I mean! But today has been lovely, not in a show-stopping spectacular way with plenty of fanfare, but rather quietly, with several small occurrences building on each other until added together they form a delightful whole. Things That Delighted Me Today ...more

Happy Is as Happy Does

I can't decide if I'm happy or not.  So I thought I would blog the question out.  Are you happy?I mean, what does it mean anyways?  Does it mean I'm laughing all the time?  No.  But when I laugh I really laugh.  Several people close to me have told me that they have never laughed as deeply as they have with me.  I'm honored to receive such a compliment....more

Sunday Sunshine

After a brief hiatus, my Sunday Sunshine series has returned. This Sunday began with a strange, possibly gay, man in my bed. (Stay tuned for that post.) Then at brunch, a bird shit on my head. Please keep your laughter to yourself, because I’m still upset about it and very sensitive regarding my hair.Despite this Sunday’s determination to crack me, I am drawing some sunshine from these things:...more

"My" place

When I lived in Victoria, the pull to connect with nature invariably drew me to the oceanfront, where breathing in the crispness of the salty, seaweed-scented air and watching the sun come alive in scattered sparkles on the tips of the waves was refreshing, renewing. The ocean was life to me, invigorating and powerful, so vast and seemingly limitless yet, somehow, contained in and part of my own identity. The ocean was "my" place. ...more