Amazon Top 100 Memoir Enemy Within By Karen Ager

What Brings About Change in People?Excerpt from Enemy Within by Karen Ager "Despite all my efforts, deep down I felt I was changing. My disease was not only influencing my body but also my spirit. The pain was starting to impact every dimension of my life. Until now it had been easy to ignore; it had been easy to deny. I had kicked it under the bed with all my half-read books. I thought I’d get back to it and deal with it later. But it got back to me first. Rheumatoid arthritis was truly forcing itself into my life. No longer could I convince myself that the disease didn’t exist. How much longer could I pretend that I was healthy like my friends? I started to feel the burden of my secret....more

A pre-bedtime dream list

What I dream of and long for:Everything on the list is of course NOT in CaliforniaA lovely kitchen to bake cookies in... every single dayA nice coffee machine that makes singles cups of perfect coffee in 1 minuteAn enclosed trampoline for kiddo to just go nuts onA big backyard, with grass, and a nice mower for me to mow it withA large but still single story home, no stairs for us!To decorate with lots of the pretty barn starsA porch swingQuilts.. lots of them...more

Dr. Romance: 4 Tips for handling Post-holiday blues

Dr Romance  writes: Everyone is relieved when the holidays are over, and sometimes disappointed. If you're worn out, it's worth your while to take the time to recharge a little, and pamper yourself. Here are some hints:...more

Who is Your Michelango?

A recent story in the New York Times under the header "Sustainable Love" prompted me to think about how we develop and change as individuals, and gave me insights into how to further shape the mosaic that is now moi<...more

Peacefully Balanced

As I have been thinking about 2011 and all of the dreams that I am dreaming for this year I became incredibly inspired by something I read on Lisa Leonard's blog (she was inspired here on Ali Edwards)....more

Ashleigh/The Golden Rule/Acts of Kindness

The tragedy in Arizona is another sad wake up call for our society. It is a reminder to love one another and to treat others with respect. I've been thinking about The Golden Rule today and random acts of kindness. Let's start the chatter on Blogher because something has to change. The world can not go on hating. Let's all do one act of kindness for someone today....let's pay it forward, then blog about it. I've also thought a lot about what it will take for these victims to recover both physically and emotionally....more

Thanks for the 'sparkle' girls. The good thing about doing acts of kindness for each other is ...more

Experience Grace Under Pressure

In these tough times we’re challenged to move past the obstacles and live in grace. My friends showed us how:...more

Happy New Year

I reckon it will be even happier if you ditch the resolutions.   You can pledge to eat only green foods. You can tell yourself you’ll find your soul mate, give up booze, lose three stone, take up martial arts and generally become a better person. You can do anything you want and you don’t need the clock to strike midnight to make it happen. Resolutions are commitments that set immovable parameters. They lead to guilt, failure, punishment, gruelling exercise regimes and 12 months of self-doubt....more

When Life Gives You Lemons, Trade Them in for Red Grapefruit

2010 has been a tough year. Ongoing high unemployment in the U.S., troubled economies in Europe, and WikiLeaks disturbing the balance of political power around the world. Right now, the world seems to be getting a lot of lemons.  And we're all familiar with the old adage, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  The problem is, I don't like lemonade! It's too sweet. Real life isn't all bad, but it isn't all sweet, either. The good news is that as this year ends, red grapefruit are in peak season!...more

Necessary Darkness

This is a time of unlimited growth and transition, or a time of infinite pain. The choice is yours.Darkness is a necessary part of life. Without it there would be no contrast showing us the light. Forest fires kill trees, that allow shrubs to grow. Shrubs feed wildlife. The forest doesn’t complain. It just continues on, without feeling sorry for itself, and grows. New plants evolve during this cycle. Some are fire retardant. Animals eat the insects that once grew in the trees that are now gone. It all works....more