Many happy moments make one giant, happy moment!

Happiness Parade!! I cannot define the happiest moment of my life....more
I so love your outlook to happiness. Well said, well put... Wonderful! ~Virginiamore

Drama "less"...

Donna, what if I told you that your every conflict, disappointment, struggle or challenge, with others or yourself, was merely a manifestation of what's going on within your own thinking... would you go there first to fix, mend, and allay? Yeah, you might miss the drama. The Universe. This was my morning message from the Universe today :) Fairly appropriate at this point in my life. ...more

Searching For Dolphins

On our recent trip to the beach, I plucked a pamphlet from a shelf of 200 others that boasted “Dolphin Tours.” Each one I looked at had gorgeous pictures of dolphins pirouetting through the waves, twirling in the wake of boats and smiling their toothy grins to the delight of equally smiling children and families lined up on a boat.Call me “Sucker”...more
This made me think of how when I was a little girl going to the beach every weekend - crossing ...more

Who Needs Thanksgiving Anyway?

We do.Because without it we too easily slip into the complacency of taking life’s treasures for granted and complaining about petty inconveniences....more

Next Year

There was a period of years that I followed the Celtic calendar.  I celebrated the birth of Spring on the First of May.  Friends would join me to cook outside (usually in the snow), and share in the minor taboo of a "pagan" festival.  Raised Catholic, or Lutheran, or Anglican, as we were.It really was a good time.  A major event on my mega-mall bookstore version of a grossly reinterpreted an ancient heathen rite....more
Oh, that Gretchen Rubin! I do enjoy your posts-- I feel like you are here talking to me (not in ...more

Project Cold Call Step 1: Distinguishing Dreams from Goals

As people begin to assess what they want in life, they have to be honest about whether or not they are taking active steps in their life to achieve their goals. A dream is just that, a dream.  A  goal; however, entails failure, success and learning. For people to truly know themselves and their goals, they must be aware....more

Choosing Happiness in Your Life


Are You Waiting For Happily Ever After?

I'll be honest. I spent the better part of a year thinking that I could do it all.When I quit my job after the birth of my third child, I approached my new role as a stay at home mom as though it would be a blissful time of gingerbread cookie making and planting garden seeds in rows.I thought that we'd fingerpaint and make papier mache crafts and that occasionally a friend would stop by for a bit of gossip and coffee.In my mind I'd balance the laundry folding and the bathroom scrubbing and the household errands with grace....more

Happiness is the Old Magic

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