Embrace: Little Things

Earlier today, Carrie left a comment on yesterday's post that I found really helpful.  Quoth she (that's the second time I've used that expression today!):...more

Thanks for your comment! Upbeat music and dancing around can do wonders--I'll add that to the ...more

Calculating our Chances for Sustaining Love

First in a Series of Five...more

The un-impartability of self-worth

When I see my son I know how amazing he is. I know that he worth more than the riches in the world. I know he is special. I know he has a wonderful body that is capable and needs no "improvements." I know that my son has much to offer the world. I know he doesn't need to change or conform to standards that others may see fit to place upon him. I know that. But what about him? ...more

Finding happiness…

I fondly re-read these quotes today:  “The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise grows it under his feet.”James Oppenheim “When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.”Helen Keller...more

Happiness is finding calmness and steadiness in a midst of a minucia incident... and continuing ...more

Top 5 Ways to Love Yourself Now

I am super excited to introduce you to Dani today.  Dani is the creator of www.PositivelyPresent.com. After twenty-five years of living with a negative attitude, Dani decided to turn her life around and start focusing on the positive. In 2009, she launched Positively Present, a blog focused on living positively in the present moment, and since then her personal development site has grown and it continues to touch people around the world. ...more

12 Tips on Individuality From Award-Winning Novelist Jean Kwok

For BlogHer's monthly series of 12 tips to help you Own Your Beauty, novelist Jean Kwok takes on this month's theme: Individuality. ...more
Great list! Even if you only follow suggestion #1, and speak to yourself as if you were your own ...more

Will Having Children Make You Happy?

Article first published as Are Children Necessary? on Blogcritics....more

Passion Seeker

I’ve been “actively” seeking my passion; entertaining ideas in my head, but not actually challenging any of these ideas. I’ve been waiting for this mysterious passion to surface and change my life; I utterly desire that feeling of “losing yourself”. I’ve been eagerly waiting for that sign from the universe, an indicator of what my passion/talent should be. Well it’s been some time and zero results, still at square one without a clue.   But this passion-seeking-journey has not been a total waste; I’ve digested some difficult-to-swallow advice…....more

Happy Parents?

I’ve heard some interesting truths about happiness lately.  Particularly, happiness in relation to parenting.    Parenthood magazine recently reported that 53% of moms are satisfied with the state of their mental and emotional health.   Only 53% are simply “satisfied.”    I had heard of the statistic before that says people with children are NOT more likely to be happy than people without children.  But, I had not yet heard about this:   On an Oprah show about happiness, it was shared tha...more

Happiness for me is when they give me a big smile or a surprise hug. It's the best feeling in ...more