Happy With What You Have

Remember how we all thought we were fat in high school?...more

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer.

I have a habit of listening for sounds from the adjacent cubicle in the morning.   The crinkle of a plastic bag being placed on the desk, the hanger being picked up from its hook, the tap of a password being entered all mean that K has arrived at work.  I give her a few minutes to settle in and listen to her messages, (I am nothing if not courteous) and then my dramatics begin.  It could involve raising my eyebrows and sitting heavily in her extra chair, sighing, until she says, “Oh good Lord, what?”  On my energetic days, I like to make her laugh by throwing my bod ...more

Learning to Travel Alone

I've never been afraid to travel by myself. I know that feeling like that isn't always the wisest decision in times like these, but that's how I am. My parents raised me to be independent and inquisitive....more

An Old Violin

My husband holds many cherished memories from his preteens through his college years and beyond of accompanying his father on the piano while his father played the violin, one he had played as a boy growing up in Karlsbad, the most famous spa town in what was then Czechoslovakia....more

Dr. Romance's Seven Steps to Help You Learn Patience

Dr. Romance's Seven Steps to Help You Learn Patience...more

Letting Go

Our dreams, hopes and desires, careers, possessions, family, friends, loved ones, pets   how do we let go of such fundamental components of our life when circumstances demand it?...more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Of Luxury & Humility

The literal heartbeat of just about any Mexican village (second to the church of course!) has to be the Internet. Without it we are all cut off from the modern world and isolated in ways that we can't even fathom if we've not left the US for more remote parts. In the Nahua Indian village where I lived when I first arrived in Mexico last year, I had one electrical plug to support my Macbook Pro laptop, my Canon camera, my HP 3-lb. field printer (what a jewel!), my iPod combination charging stand and speaker unit, and - fortune of fortunes - an electric fan....more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Time Salvador Dali Portrait of Time

Today flew by while standing still, like a Salvador Dali portrait of time. I just can't shake this feeling of time either racing by or slowing down - it's as if I'm in a vortex, a tunnel on the inside of a hurricane, where it is still and calm - and yet there is the knowledge of activity, movement, change - happening just outside of this moment. I still my mind and feel in the dark for answers, but there are none, and so tonight I just relax and let it all go, sip a glass of wine and feel the cool breeze on my neck....more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Time Stops in the Village

It may sound in the blog like I spent all of my time experiencing village life and frolicking at the lake, but the truth is I work about 30 hours per week. I create advertisements, videos, flyers and other marketing/sales materials for the B&B, and for a few other businesses. I'm also doing stuff related to the launch of two sub-businesses within the B&B this September - Anne is opening a beauty salon upstairs and a tiny breakfast-to-go cafe downstairs in her lobby....more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Thunderstorm Brings Vision of Mother Mary to Village in Mexico

Yes, it's true, as I sat down on one of my usual benches on the lakefront, there it was - a perfect vision of Mother Mary carved onto the sky out of thunderclouds, complete with rays of the sun beaming out in a perfect circle around her head in a halo of radiant glory. A small group of Indian women gathered on the shore, pointing and uttering remarks of surprise and praise in Spanish until their vision's face faded from view, covered once again by the veil of heaven. ...more