The secret to happiness (for men)

My son likes to tell me when he is not happy. If I take him to a store, I hear "But that doesn't make me happy." If I tell him to clean up his toys, I hear, "That makes me so sad." He is five: Happiness is getting to do whatever he wants when he wants. ...more

Find Happiness This Week

Abraham Lincoln once said, "Folks are about as happy as they make their minds up to be." I believe happiness is a choice.  This week, I had some heavy duty stress.  I am also recuperating from one surgery and getting ready for another one.  If that isn't enough, it is January, not my favorite month,  with its short, cold days and below zero wind chills.  It would have been easy to succumb to negativity, but I was able to look for and find a lot of things to be happy about this week....more

Set Smart Goals With Your Kids

If we are not careful about how we set our goals, we can lose our balance. I am your typical Type A personality who wants everything done right away. I have lots of ideas and get excited about them, but this also means I put unnecessary pressure on myself. Unfortunately, this can flare up my anxiety symptoms and make my head spin with a mile long To Do list....more

How to Be Happy 101: Abandon Your Black Clouds

I used to wonder why I had so many friends as a kid and then less through middle school, less through high school, and even less through college.  Was it because I was busy? I had less time for people? Was it because we grew to have different interests and became bored of one another?  Maybe I used to think so, but now at 22, I have a completely new perspective.  My idea is this: We eventually abandon our Black Clouds....more

I Could Have Lied.

Well, maybe not lied…‘misled’ may be more apposite.I recently wrote an article I posted on Huffington called “It’s Not All About Gratitude: 4 Steps to a Happier 2016.” I posted it on this site, too, albeit with a slightly different title....more

Happiness: It's Not All About Gratitude

This morning during my usual Internet fix, I came across a motivational blog that claimed to know the secret of happiness. It spoke of something most of us have heard before, and many of us agree with: The key to happiness is gratitude.The blog goes on to explain that if something bad happens -- for example, you spill a cup of coffee on your lap -- you should chuckle and say, "Oh well, at least I have a lap to burn! Some people are born without laps!"I'm exaggerating slightly -- but you get the general gist....more

Why Nevertheless People Are Happier

When you know you're trying your best, giving it your all and going above and beyond, how is it that things still don't work out the way you want? It's very disheartening when you give something your all, only to see nothing work out the way you had hoped. See how people who dust themselves off after a setback remain positive and create their own happiness....more

Making positivity cool

I try very hard to stay a positive person. Yes, I have backup plans if things go wrong and like everyone I have off-kilter days, but generally speaking, I like to think that life will go my way. And I have noticed that I am the happiest when I am hanging out with like-minded positive people: Happiness spreads happiness....more

11 Habits of Happy, Self-Loving Women

*Originally featured on To see the full series of 11 Habits of Happy, Self-Loving Women, click here.*...more