The Secret of Happiness

The secret of happiness is a great mystery to many people, constantly searching for joy in everyday life. Do we believe the grass is greener on the other side of the hill? I’ve heard people say: When I finally graduate from college, then my life will be better and I’ll be happier. I’ll truly be happy when I get a better job. As soon as my new home is built, I know I’ll be more content. I know I’ll be happier if I move and have new experiences....more

Daughter, Make Mistakes!

She is crying, my 14-year-old daughter, on the sidewalk in front of our house. This is where we met when I returned from my almost-anxious walk to her school a few blocks away to look for her. She did not come home after practice as expected. My walk back – knowing she wasn’t at home or at school—was not fun. “It was a mistake!” she insisted. “I am sorry and it won’t happen again…” ...more

Something Small that Makes Me Smile

Want to know what always puts a smile on my face?When I am walking Pippa and I notice strangers smiling at her!...more

Missing Her

I am on the hunt for Carefree. I once was best friends with Carefree but I haven't seen her since I was about seven.You know Carefree. She's the one who's barefoot. She's not worried about being hungry because she's got a peanut butter sandwich and a dollar in her backpack. She knows when the ice cream man is coming and that's all that's important.She doesn't worry. She doesn't fret. She doesn't think about the future unless it's happening tomorrow. She's just living her life....more
I understand this. A whole lot.more

How To Link Happiness To Success.

Linking your happiness to your success is a process that requires intentional strategy. Nothing works right without a plan...  ...more

Don't Demure! Share your natural talents with the rest of us.

Some people demur about a "natural" talent? Pity, that. I have come to believe it is a simple lack of humility. This is all kinds of ironic because what those who hide their lights beneath a bushel are really hiding behind is a misunderstanding of what “humility” really means. ...more

Being happy with what ya got

Its the million dollar question- "What is the key to happiness?" I certainly would not consider myself an unhappy person by any means. I actually consider myself happier than most people I know. I am a person who stops and smells the flowers every day, truly counts my blessings and thanks god for all of them. ...more

Wanna Be Happy? Practice!

If ever there was a miserable day, this is it: your six year old threw a tantrum because her favorite socks have a hole in them, your SO forgot about an early meeting, so you had to take the kids to school rushing all the way, hair still damp from your shower because who had time to dry it, much less style it you got a ticket for speeding, so now you’re late to work. ...more

This just in: A woman who's satisfied with her life!

Recently my life partner and I had lunch with his mother and her longtime companion. The most exciting part of the meal was the very large black bear that ran around in a field behind the restaurant until employees chased it away. The most interesting part was what his mom said about flowers.She’d gone to a local nursery and was so taken by the blooms that she bought more than she needed. In fact, it’s been long time since she bought anything she didn’t specifically need.“It was nice to want something,” she said. “I haven’t wanted anything in a long time.”...more

The Happy Hooker of Denmark

Hooker.Slang. a concealed problem, flaw, or drawback; a catchFirst off, I want to get something really clear here. I am not the happy hooker of Denmark. Nor will this blog be the Danish version of the Memoirs of a Geisha or provide insights into the seedy underbelly of call girls, pimps or ‘Ho’s working the red light district Istedgade in Copenhagen. Sorry....more