A simple thought about gratitude and happiness

If you're not grateful for what you have, you'll never be happy with what you have....more

Home Is Where The Roots Are

I’ve lived in five cities, three states, and at least 6 different apartments and two houses in the past eleven years.   It averages to 2.2 years per city, 3.6 years per state.  I realize it may not be that big of an oddity.  Military families move often, and some people move more regularly than Rihanna change hair styles.  Still, I’ve noticed eyebrows raise when I tell people I’m moving...again.  ...more

Today's everyday poetry: A septic system that's not gushing

It's fixed now. Let us speak no more of this. I know it doesn't rhyme. But trust me when I say it's poetic anyway.   ...more

Look who's finally opened up!

Yay flower!  ...more

Did You Know That Acceptance of Yourself Can Crack Your Spirit

 “Dare to be what you are, and learn to resign with a good grace all that you are not and to believe in your own individuality.” ~Henri-Frederic AmielDoesn’t it feel good to be accepted as ourselves?...more

Happiness Is

SunshineShowers at the end of JuneA cool breeze on a hot summers dayThe small of chocolate buttermints on musk scented skinOn stressful evenings, a warm bath, glowing candles and a good book.That sense of connection where intution, science and retrospection meet.An awareness of the creators spirit alive in us.That certain peace that passes all understanding.Knowing without doubt that you are truly loved....more

Today's everyday poetry: colourful laundry in the sun

Today: colourful towels drying in the sun. All is well.  ...more


 I'm the type of person that likes to make lists. It keeps me organized but at the same time it always keeps me looking into the future more then it keeps me focused on the 'right now'. I'm always budgeting my paychecks and what my extra money will be going toward which then enables me to make a list of what I all want to get and list it in order of importance.  ...more

What is Your Aspiration in Life? Here's Mine (With Some Help From Beyonce)

I often get made fun of for my Beyonce obsession, and I’m also acutely aware of how often I reference her and/or her music in my blog.  WHATEVER IT’S A FREE COUNTRY AND I LOVE HER OKAY?!But, be forewarned…cause I’m ‘bout to reference her again.There’s a song on her latest album called ‘Pretty Hurts,’ and without getting into too much detail about the song and what it’s about - it tackles beauty standards, low self-esteem and societal pressure to be thin and beautiful.  Ya know, all the things Beyonce naturally is....more

Two Apps To Make You Happier