Ready to get happier? Like Today?

I'm convinced that one of the BIG reasons we tend to feel overwhelmed as modern, busy women is this:We feel under-nurtured.But what is "being nurtured?"Think about that for a second....more

Life is not Simply About Success

 The Joy of MotheringWhat I would say to graduating High School Students...more

Dual Existence

Taken in Venice, ItalyAs I'm writing this, my roommates' peals of laughter echo from one room down the hall. All 5 of them are in the same room, having what sounds like the time of their lives....more



A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine

It is finally spring! Yay. It has been a long winter and, I, for one, cannot wait for the warm weather. I feel I will definitely appreciate it this year! I suppose it is true of most things: the not so good makes you appreciate the good. Running down hill would not be so enjoyable with out knowing the pain of running up hill. The sun would not be so glorious with out knowing the misery of cold, gloomy days. A day off would not be so appreciated with out knowing the stress of working hard. ...more

Finding Your Happiness

If you were to strip everything away in your life, as you know it, where do you find yourself?  Are you satisfied with the life you are currently living?  Are you passionate about something to the point of doing it for free?  Can you honestly say you are happy?  For some, this seemingly simple question may not have such a simple answer....more

Freedom Friday: Be happy and grateful

Note for Mirror or Vision Board: BE GRATEFUL...more

Looking Within for Happiness and Fulfilling Dreams.

Happiness is essential in fulfilling our dreams. That happiness can be derailed by searching for it in various areas–like our careers, marriages, becoming parents, finances, and social status. Those areas can easily fail us, in seeking that happiness, because they’re dependent on outside sources. We seek happiness from outside sources instead of within ourselves.What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us. ―Henry David Thoreau...more

What is Your Happiness Trigger?

Articles and TV shows now include "Trigger Warnings" because they may trigger addictions or depression that the consumer is struggling with. Maybe we should create some "Happiness Triggers" for ourselves and others. READ MORE.....more

Sexy Isn't About What You Wear

"Sexy Isn't About What You Wear... It's About How You Feel....more