Happiness is a state of mind

If I read this post title two weeks ago, a couple things would happen. 1) I wouldn’t believe I wrote it, and 2) I’d gag. Okay, a fake gag, for emphasis, you know?If you know me personally, you know I’m not one for positive thinking. This is both because of faulty neurochemistry (dopamine, I’m looking at you) and that I’ve made observant complaining my thing....more
I admit, I am also a pessimist.  It is a difficult road to travel and a terrible habit in my ...more


I sit here...I took Kidlet to public skating last night. I don't skate, I sit and freeze while I watch him fall 100 times. (Sigh!) When there, this family caught my eye....more

The Surprising & Complex Science Of Happiness (INFOGRAPHIC)

The pursuit of happiness is a concept known by everybody. People make it their ultimate goal in life, but we have different visions of what happiness represents. For some, happiness is finding that special someone, for others it is having a successful career and so on. But do we really know the chemistry behind happiness? Most of us don't!...more
DrRomie I thought it would be a nice way to start the year. Glad you liked it!more

Car wash

One of the best parts of being a parent is watching your child find joy in the smallest things – in the everyday stuff that we might otherwise take for granted.Got a little lesson in enjoying the moment today when Lily and I went through the car wash; she was thrilled at all the colours. “Mom! It looks like a rainbow!” she exclaimed of the soapy suds. Couldn’t resist snapping this picture of her watching the colours converge on the sunroof....more

More! More! More!

Wishing you a good year ahead!This was my New Year's Eve FB status at the end of last year:...more

221 Things That Make Me Happy

For several years now I've maintained my own personal Happy List, first to acknowledge and affirm and then to remind myself of life's beauty, richness, and blessings. I hope that by sharing some of the items on my list I will inspire you to slow down for a few minutes and think about the things in your life that bring you joy and contentment... and perhaps even create and maintain a "Happy List" of your own! 221 Things That Make Me Happy rustic sourdough bread, toasted crisp and served hot spread with melting butter and blackberry jam ...more

45 Ways to Celebrate My Birthday

Blooging and Novel Writing month is over.  Whew!  I survived!  Now I get to celebrate my 45th birthday.  Here's my plan.1. Wake up early to have peace and quiet.2. Blog and write freely.3. Check my birthday wishes on Facebook.  About four friends so far.4. Research my free gifts from businesses.  I got something from Sephora. 5. Check DVR for shows I can relax and watch.6. Read Harry Potter.  I read 2 chapters in 30 minutes last night....more

10 ways to Cheer Up

How do you share some cheer with the world? How do you send a little happiness to the people around you? My world has been very crazy and depressing, frustrating and chaotic. I made the decision tonight that I wanted to try and push the fog that has been lingering around me and my co-workers for the last few weeks. So, I have been brainstorming some ideas to spread a little joy and happiness around. ...more

The Altar of Success

I want to yell out as loudly as I can that raising children is definitely not a default chore for women who were not successful in the world of business, power and wealth.To all people, raised in a Western  capitalist society:...more

To The Manor Retired

sunfeathers "life is full of possibilities"...more