Join me for the ’21 Days, Zero Complaints’ Challenge!

I complain too much. I complain too much to my family, I complain too much to my friends, I complain too much on social media, and I complain too much to myself....more

Give it to Me Now!!!: My Tantrum for a Cause


My Wedding: A Story of Trials and Tribulations

I always pride myself on being the most organized and keeping a list of things to do for everything. I am a strong type A character and everything I do is built on structure and planning. However my wedding was one project that I couldn’t have anticipated or prepared for enough. The fact of the matter, it was a quite stressful process having friends, family, fiance and me, have all hands on deck in this massive two day event....more

Let "I can't" go, and pursue happiness.

Define happy (thanks to Google definition):         happy...more

Running Towards Happiness

  By Shaless Peoples ...more

Upon a Closing Door

During the fall of 2008, I was stuck with a pathetically low paying teaching job at a South Jersey community college where I taught students who couldn't spell their own names. I was also stuck in an even more pathetic marriage that I knew I shouldn't have agreed to be a part of. ...more

Apparently, I've peaked

I went on a date with my son. For five hours we hung out together, I introduced him to the Lego store, we ate ice cream, he went on a carousel ride and we bought some books. He told me that he wanted to go on another date with me soon because he was "happiest with Mommy."...more

3 Ways to Reconnect With You!

A couple of years ago I had a revelation.I was completely unaware of who I was anymore....more

There is now a happiness equation

Whenever I used to ask my mother what she wanted for a birthday or Christmas, she would always answer the same thing: "Nothing." If pressed, she would tell me that all she wanted was for us to be happy....more

Wonder Why So Many Women Are Smiling? They Are Entrepreneurs.

Okay, I know this is going to put legions of self-help authors who target the female audience out of business, but there is one simple key to happiness: be a successful women entrepreneur....more
Whew.  This says a mouth full for female entrepreneurs.  Thanks for posting it, Susan.more