Upon a Closing Door

During the fall of 2008, I was stuck with a pathetically low paying teaching job at a South Jersey community college where I taught students who couldn't spell their own names. I was also stuck in an even more pathetic marriage that I knew I shouldn't have agreed to be a part of. ...more

Apparently, I've peaked

I went on a date with my son. For five hours we hung out together, I introduced him to the Lego store, we ate ice cream, he went on a carousel ride and we bought some books. He told me that he wanted to go on another date with me soon because he was "happiest with Mommy."...more

3 Ways to Reconnect With You!

A couple of years ago I had a revelation.I was completely unaware of who I was anymore....more

There is now a happiness equation

Whenever I used to ask my mother what she wanted for a birthday or Christmas, she would always answer the same thing: "Nothing." If pressed, she would tell me that all she wanted was for us to be happy....more

Wonder Why So Many Women Are Smiling? They Are Entrepreneurs.

Okay, I know this is going to put legions of self-help authors who target the female audience out of business, but there is one simple key to happiness: be a successful women entrepreneur....more
Whew.  This says a mouth full for female entrepreneurs.  Thanks for posting it, Susan.more

Mommy stress is different than other kinds of stress

I've spent most of my Mommyhood as a working Mom. I know the pain of leaving your baby with virtual strangers at a daycare, the difficulties in working from home with a sick child and letting go of your work self to transform back into Super Mom....more

100 Happy Days: Making every day, a better day

Three Reminders for today:1. Speak Kindly: Our words influence our thoughts and the thoughts of others. Share your positive outlook with the people around you and it will not only improve your mood, but it will improve theirs too....more

The Myth of Motherhood: Why being a Mom is not supposed to make you “Happy”

Do you ever wonder why being a Mom isn’t as fulfilling as you thought it was going to be??? Do you feel like there is something wrong with you because hard as you try you feel like a failure as a Mom??? Do you constantly feel guilty because you don’t enjoy this wonderful world of Motherhood??? Well I have a little secret that no one wants to tell you...........more

The Joy of Plan B

It's a bitch to be cornered so I try to avoid it.I admire people who are cornered by illness or poverty who just put their heads down and barrel through it, enduring without complaint and emerging triumphant, maybe dead but triumphant. You've seen that happen. Been around dead people who had more courage becoming dead than you can imagine having as a living person....more

236 Things That Make Me Happy

For several years now I've maintained my own personal Happy List, first to acknowledge and affirm and then to remind myself of life's beauty, richness, and blessings. I hope that by sharing some of the items on my list I will inspire you to slow down for a few minutes and think about the things in your life that bring you joy and contentment... and perhaps even create and maintain a "Happy List" of your own! ...more