The Secret

I was tagged by a friend for a gratitude challenge on Facebook, and while I know I’m supposed to list out things I’m grateful for today, I don’t know how to limit myself to only a few. My life is so full, so silly wonderful, narrowing it down would be impossible....more

Own It

She was driving to Aspen and I was driving around downtown Denver, yet we both had awestruck views and couldn’t stop repeating ourselves. ...more

Want to Live Happier? Practice Gratitude

Dinners al-fresco on the back patio. Long walks after dinner. Flipping burgers on the grill in the pouring rain. Acupuncture treatment by a friend. My little sister’s encouraging words. Woohoo’s from Parker at gymnastics. Great books that make you think....more

#TransformationTuesday: How an Internet Meme Helped Me Realize That I'm Happy

As an avid Instagram user, I always try to keep up with the latest trends. I don’t always participate, but as someone who loves social media and uses it daily both in my life and career, I like to know what’s popular. Social media is always evolving and changing, and it’s important to me to keep up with those changes. One weekly hashtag that I’ve had an interest in has been #TransformationTuesday. ...more
LadyCynthiana Thank you! :)more

Things To Do Before ....

 The Bucket List movie always gives me a nostalgic feeling and a desire to make a list of things to do before it’s too late for myself. Sometimes I take a pen and paper and try to start writing all the things I would love to accomplish or enjoy in life, but I never finish it and it ends up in the trash one or two days later....more

Join me for the ’21 Days, Zero Complaints’ Challenge!

I complain too much. I complain too much to my family, I complain too much to my friends, I complain too much on social media, and I complain too much to myself....more

Give it to Me Now!!!: My Tantrum for a Cause


My Wedding: A Story of Trials and Tribulations

I always pride myself on being the most organized and keeping a list of things to do for everything. I am a strong type A character and everything I do is built on structure and planning. However my wedding was one project that I couldn’t have anticipated or prepared for enough. The fact of the matter, it was a quite stressful process having friends, family, fiance and me, have all hands on deck in this massive two day event....more

Let "I can't" go, and pursue happiness.

Define happy (thanks to Google definition):         happy...more

Running Towards Happiness

  By Shaless Peoples ...more