Why You Will Never Be Happy

When you have a baby who has Down syndrome you find out that almost everyone in the world has a cousin with Down syndrome and they all work at a grocery store.And they’re all incredibly happy.You know, I hope most people are happy. I hope all kids are happy. And babies.Are people as a species so unhappy that my now five-year old daughter reading library books on the couch stands out in such contrast?...more
Excellent post and so true. I totally agree that there's more we want for our children than just ...more

10 ways to boost immunity


5 Reasons to Be Happy on a Cold February Day

It is 1° outside  with wind chills well below zero.  I am recovering from knee surgery, mostly housebound, and feeling a  touch of cabin fever. I would love to be traveling somewhere warm right now, but it isn't in the cards this year.  Still, I am feeling optimistic, and there is a lot to be happy about....more

I Think We Moved to the Arctic. Here Are Some Things Making Me Happy Today.

I think we moved to the arctic when I wasn’t looking.It’s cold. The temperature hasn’t been higher than 20 in weeks (okay, days… but still).It’s dreary and I miss the sun. Like consistent days of just sun. We did have some sun yesterday. And it was warm. I was tempted to lay on the dog’s bed with him and sun myself.There’s too much snow. We got another foot and a half on Sunday. We now have over 8 FEET of snow on the ground.I have cabin fever. And I just want spring. Or at least 40 degree temperatures....more

Give Yourself a Valentine’s Gift of Self Love

Oh you love haters! We’ve all been inundated with the “I hate Valentine’s Day” naysayers, haven’t we? Complaints about the commercial aspects, how it’s a “Hallmark” holiday (which, BTW, it’s NOT. Do a little research, would ya?) and, worst in my eyes, the “I’m single and this day SUCKS” people. This is a note to you…and to those who love Valentine’s Day. And to even those who are ambivalent about it. Basically, it’s a note to everyone. :)...more

Cause I'm Happy

I don't know, I'm a little scared to be honest.  I think I might be happy. Isn't that a mind fuck?  I don't even know how to proceed. It's new territory for me.  ...more

What is Inevitable for All Living Things?

Lately, I've been chanting the Purnamadah a lot. It is the first verse of the Isha Upanishad, and it goes like this:...more

I Won’t Be Happy Until...

I hear it all the time.  It goes something like this.  “My goal weight is 130 pounds.  I was there when I was 24 and haven’t seen it since.  I’ve tried a thousand different diets.  I’ve hired a trainer.  I’ve taken a dozen different courses.  I’ve taken pills.  They made me crazy.  I know what I need to do.  It should be working, but it’s not.  I just can’t get there.  I can’t lose the last 25 pounds.”...more

The 10 Secrets to Being a Happy Parent

According to an article by livescience.com, “a happy marriage, secure bank account, and good sleep make for happy moms and dads.”While I agree with these, I began to think of what helps me enjoy my role as a parent. Here’s what I came up with.... ...more
MomOfAllCapes BlogHer Thanks for sharing! <3more

How To Be Strong In Your Weakness {the key to unlocking your true self}

I am proudly introverted.  In a small, safe group I might be funny or engaging but in a large arena I will willingly fade into the background.  I am a wallflower.  I would much rather observe quietly from the wings than be the center of the party.  I am wired differently than a charismatic, outspoken leader.  I look on the world through a lacy romanticism and dwell in an introspective poetic protection that slows me down and has me dwelling on the texture of hope rather than some public fame that would have me dressed up in quick wit a...more