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Five Things That Blow My Seventh Month Old's Mind

When you slow down and look at the world through your infant’s eyes, you realize that you take the littlest things for granted. Objects that are overlooked and mundane to me, are the most earth-shattering, cause of excitement to my seventh month old:1. TOES. As soon as she gets a hold of them, a squeal of delight is uttered. “OMG what are these wriggly things attached to me!?!?”...more

Give It Up: How Compromise Could Be Killing The Chance of a Great Relationship

We've all heard the same advice over and over again - the key to a great relationship is compromise. However, I'm here to bust the myth. To be honest, I don't think compromise is the key. In fact, I'm pretty sure it can sometimes be the nail in the coffin of your future happiness....more
Caitlyn_Bell you are so right. While compromise isn't the key to a great relationship ...more

Is It Possible To Have It All?

Thanks for the jar idea I didn't know how much I needed onemore

I Am Thankful For My Problems

Saying that I am thankful for my problems sounds odd, doesn’t it?...more

How You Can Become a Morning Person in 7 Days

When I was a kid, my mum used to shake me out of sleep really early every day. This also routinely happened on the weekends – which you surely can imagine I hated. ...more
mjblair and I just know that because of the ppl I spoke to 4 this story & I've been trying ...more

Why You Will Never Be Happy

When you have a baby who has Down syndrome you find out that almost everyone in the world has a cousin with Down syndrome and they all work at a grocery store.And they’re all incredibly happy.You know, I hope most people are happy. I hope all kids are happy. And babies.Are people as a species so unhappy that my now five-year old daughter reading library books on the couch stands out in such contrast?...more
Excellent post and so true. I totally agree that there's more we want for our children than just ...more

10 ways to boost immunity


5 Reasons to Be Happy on a Cold February Day

It is 1° outside  with wind chills well below zero.  I am recovering from knee surgery, mostly housebound, and feeling a  touch of cabin fever. I would love to be traveling somewhere warm right now, but it isn't in the cards this year.  Still, I am feeling optimistic, and there is a lot to be happy about....more