Wanna Be Happy? Practice!

If ever there was a miserable day, this is it: your six year old threw a tantrum because her favorite socks have a hole in them, your SO forgot about an early meeting, so you had to take the kids to school rushing all the way, hair still damp from your shower because who had time to dry it, much less style it you got a ticket for speeding, so now you’re late to work. ...more

This just in: A woman who's satisfied with her life!

Recently my life partner and I had lunch with his mother and her longtime companion. The most exciting part of the meal was the very large black bear that ran around in a field behind the restaurant until employees chased it away. The most interesting part was what his mom said about flowers.She’d gone to a local nursery and was so taken by the blooms that she bought more than she needed. In fact, it’s been long time since she bought anything she didn’t specifically need.“It was nice to want something,” she said. “I haven’t wanted anything in a long time.”...more

The Happy Hooker of Denmark

Hooker.Slang. a concealed problem, flaw, or drawback; a catchFirst off, I want to get something really clear here. I am not the happy hooker of Denmark. Nor will this blog be the Danish version of the Memoirs of a Geisha or provide insights into the seedy underbelly of call girls, pimps or ‘Ho’s working the red light district Istedgade in Copenhagen. Sorry....more

SMART Living 365.com

Sharing ideas to create a more happy, meaningful and fulfilled life--365!...more

Exercise Your Way to Happy & Healthy

Working out in the morning is a great way to jump-start your day, get your blood flowing, and your energy boosting.  I exercise at home, while my children are sleeping, with DVDs.  I am dedicated because I love the way it makes me feel (energized, flexible and strong) and look.  I enjoy the loosening of stiffness from sleeping, and having personal time to start out my day.  Not everyone is a morning person though, so working out during your lunch break or evenings may be better for you. ...more

I Chopped ALL My Hair Off (for the 3rd time)!

 That’s right, I’m officially the crazy scissor lady! On a complete whim, I cut all my hair off yesterday....more
I am about ready to do the same thing. LoL but idk I've only been post BC for a year and some ...more

No "But!" about it -- "And" energizes creative solutions (From a sort-of book I wrote a while back)

Reason and passion? Who knew?Someone came into my life once with, it seems, a lesson to tell me straight up that I would not have learned otherwise—no matter how much I beat myself up in the back and forth.“And,” he said.What?“And.”Apparently, people can multitask. We can be two separate ways of being, simultaneously. In real time. No excuses needed.I had been listing my deficiencies as a human being. My shortcomings and character flaws. He mentioned I also had good aspects of me and that the bad list did not cancel out the good....more

Dreams Can Come True

    I am a dreamer. I literally stare into space, into the distance, up at the stars, if there is a thought in my head I keen in on it and I drift away. Snap, snap hey girlly come back. Oh no thank you I really rather stay here, its just the way I want it, my dreams, my life, my world. Positive thinking, fun imaginary thougts, what you want is what it will be. Keep thinking, keep dreaming, your thoughts can happen, they can be....more

Choosing Happiness

Nicole http://awildhope-nicole.blogspot.com/...more