How You Can Become a Morning Person in 7 Days

When I was a kid, my mum used to shake me out of sleep really early every day. This also routinely happened on the weekends – which you surely can imagine I hated. ...more
mjblair and I just know that because of the ppl I spoke to 4 this story & I've been trying ...more

Why You Will Never Be Happy

When you have a baby who has Down syndrome you find out that almost everyone in the world has a cousin with Down syndrome and they all work at a grocery store.And they’re all incredibly happy.You know, I hope most people are happy. I hope all kids are happy. And babies.Are people as a species so unhappy that my now five-year old daughter reading library books on the couch stands out in such contrast?...more
Excellent post and so true. I totally agree that there's more we want for our children than just ...more

10 ways to boost immunity


5 Reasons to Be Happy on a Cold February Day

It is 1° outside  with wind chills well below zero.  I am recovering from knee surgery, mostly housebound, and feeling a  touch of cabin fever. I would love to be traveling somewhere warm right now, but it isn't in the cards this year.  Still, I am feeling optimistic, and there is a lot to be happy about....more

I Think We Moved to the Arctic. Here Are Some Things Making Me Happy Today.

I think we moved to the arctic when I wasn’t looking.It’s cold. The temperature hasn’t been higher than 20 in weeks (okay, days… but still).It’s dreary and I miss the sun. Like consistent days of just sun. We did have some sun yesterday. And it was warm. I was tempted to lay on the dog’s bed with him and sun myself.There’s too much snow. We got another foot and a half on Sunday. We now have over 8 FEET of snow on the ground.I have cabin fever. And I just want spring. Or at least 40 degree temperatures....more

Give Yourself a Valentine’s Gift of Self Love

Oh you love haters! We’ve all been inundated with the “I hate Valentine’s Day” naysayers, haven’t we? Complaints about the commercial aspects, how it’s a “Hallmark” holiday (which, BTW, it’s NOT. Do a little research, would ya?) and, worst in my eyes, the “I’m single and this day SUCKS” people. This is a note to you…and to those who love Valentine’s Day. And to even those who are ambivalent about it. Basically, it’s a note to everyone. :)...more

Cause I'm Happy

I don't know, I'm a little scared to be honest.  I think I might be happy. Isn't that a mind fuck?  I don't even know how to proceed. It's new territory for me.  ...more

What is Inevitable for All Living Things?

Lately, I've been chanting the Purnamadah a lot. It is the first verse of the Isha Upanishad, and it goes like this:...more

I Won’t Be Happy Until...

I hear it all the time.  It goes something like this.  “My goal weight is 130 pounds.  I was there when I was 24 and haven’t seen it since.  I’ve tried a thousand different diets.  I’ve hired a trainer.  I’ve taken a dozen different courses.  I’ve taken pills.  They made me crazy.  I know what I need to do.  It should be working, but it’s not.  I just can’t get there.  I can’t lose the last 25 pounds.”...more

The 10 Secrets to Being a Happy Parent

According to an article by, “a happy marriage, secure bank account, and good sleep make for happy moms and dads.”While I agree with these, I began to think of what helps me enjoy my role as a parent. Here’s what I came up with.... ...more
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