Birds of Kauai

After my post from yesterday, the weekly photo challenge "magic", I couldn't stop thinking about my favorite island of Kauai. I went through my pictures from our trip in April and found all these shots of birds we saw:...more

Chaos Before Vacation

Somehow whenever I plan a vacation, life makes me work extra hard the week before I go to really earn it. (As if writing every day for 182 days doesn’t earn me some mental detachment on the sand of a beach on an island in the middle of the Pacific). We’ve planned this trip for 10 months or 9 years, however, you want to look at it. ...more

K is for Ka'ahumanu

Each week for 26 weeks, I am publishing a post about women who are not widely known but should be—women who can inspire us, teach us, and encourage us to get out of our comfort zones and reach for our dreams. Week 11 of my A to Z challenge introduces us to Ka'ahumanu....more

Will Hawaii Pass Family Leave?

The New York State Assembly passed the most comprehensive and generous paid family leave law in the country last week. When fully phased in, the plan will turn small employee contributions into 12 weeks of family leave at two-thirds pay for all workers—and will include job protections—ensuring that working families will be able to take essential time to care for loved ones. This was NOT inevitable....more


For a while, I've been wanting to make my way to the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island. The last time we took a little island hopping adventure to Big Island, it was winter time and the access road was closed due to the weather....more

Fun Nights in Hawaii for Pop Culture Fans

Hear the term “Hawaiian entertainment” and some stereotypical images probably come to mind. Tiki bars. Hula dancing. Fruity cocktails with a wedge of pineapple speared through with a small paper umbrella. Kind of cute, kind of kitschy. ...more

Hawaii's Polynesian Cultural Center Most Favored Tourist Attraction

I live within walking distance of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii. Each day I hear the drums beating from the Polynesian villages, and in the evening I can hear the roar of the crowd in response to the night show in the big amphitheater....more

The History of Royal Hawaiian Heirloom Jewelry

When I first moved to Hawaii, I was quite impressed with the amount and quality of jewelry that many of the older Hawaiian women wore. It was not uncommon to see four or five solid gold bracelets and three or more golden necklaces adorning their arms and necks. I was curious as to why these pretty women had to wear so many at the same time, and learned later that it was more of a tradition. So, here I will tell you about the beginnings of Royal Hawaiian Jewelry....more