Aloha ?

My childhood was not horrible and I was not tortured but I don't have the desperate desire to vacation or honeymoon in Hawaii.I am sorry, Hawaii.Just for the record it is not your fault. My fond memories of Hawaii are cloudless, sun filled days of carefree youth running up and down the sandy beaches....more

How Do You Want to Feel? Vacation Edition.

Do you go on vacation to escape the pressures of everyday living? Do you go on vacation to be restored in any manner? Do you go on vacation to re-connect with parts of yourself that take second position more often than not? What if you went on vacation to experience the energy of the place as much or more than the visuals of the place?...more

Weekly Writing Challenge: Snapshots

Afternoon Delight...more

Noodle Dependency

Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul (and the Stomach): Tell us about your favorite meal, either to eat or to prepare. Does it just taste great, or does it have other associations?...more

Connecting to The Source

One Saturday last Fall I drove over to Kailua, one of the prettiest areas of Oahu to have breakfast with a friend. Afterwards I took the coast road home and stopped at one of my favorite places, Waimanalo beach to get a little "ocean therapy". The local people believe that getting into the ocean on a regular basis is essential, as it provides cleansing of the world's negative energies, as well as blesses and energizes you. The Polynesian way of life includes time in the water, every day....more

Am Poor, Will Travel.

 We're going to Hawaii!!   In June, my husband and I will be celebrating our 10th anniversary!  10 years - it's staggering to think about.  It's incredible that I've been with Ryan for almost a third of my life.  It makes me feel quite old and quite happy at the same time.  We have always wanted to go to Hawaii together. I've been, but Ryan never has.  And Kauai...there is NOTHING quite like it. It's Eden on earth. I want to share it with him....more


If you don't follow me on Instagram... you should! Haha just kidding, but seriously Instagram is a great way to see process photos of all the projects I work on - but I'll be honest, you have to be ok with lots of pictures of my kids as well! Here are some Instagrams from this week...   ...more

A Hike to Waimea Falls

   The best thing to do when you've either procrastinated or just been away for a long time is to dive in! That's what we did this past weekend....more

Hawaiian Travel Highlights: Oahu

When my daughter and son-in-law moved to Hawaii, we thought for sure we'd go visit because... Hawaii! But no. Something, or a lot of somethings, came up and we never managed to plan a trip. I had pretty much decided we wouldn't be able to go before they got orders to another duty station -- and then Jenn told me she was pregnant. Well that changed everything because no matter what might come up -- I was going to be there when my grandchild was born. No. Doubt. About. It....more
Morning brew is my favorite coffee on the windward side! Fun to read about your trip.more