Finding A Soft Place to Land

Something came even more fully into my awareness this past weekend with all that is happening in our world right now.While I knew this in many ways about myself, it has in one sense caused me great inner angst the past three days, it has also challenged me to dig even deeper into what my values are – and how I can use my gifts to instill change, and do my part in helping create more lasting peace....more

Spell for Healing and Unity

With tonight’s Full Cold Moon also a Super Moon, I wrote a short spell for healing and unity. I posted yesterday the drawing of the bindrune I’ll use for it, and today I created the actual bindrune for this evening’s ritual. Full Moons are the time for setting our intentions for the coming month, or longer if appropriate, for healing, and empowerment....more

Deep Down

It took watching a movie where people were exposing the most painful parts of their lives and this morning reading a controversial article about healing that prompted me to write.  When there is something that jumps out to me, I must write now....more

I am a Butterfly

Note:  I wrote this back in May and just never posted it.  As I reflect back on all of the changes this year. I feel like it is something that I needed to post.________________________________________________________________________________________________The butterfly represents endurance, change, hope, and life.  In the last 8 months or so I have endured things, changed and have been creating a whole new life for myself. ...more

Finding Inner Strength When You Have Nothing Left

Oh my. Where do I begin? Donald Trump has an opinion about veterans who suffer from PTSD. They’re not strong¹ in his estimation. From Vice President Joe Biden on Trump’s comments:...more

Healing Versus My Constitutional Rights

Evidently my Second Amendment right to purchase a gun has been sacrificed for my healing. In the eyes of the federal government, a cannabis user, patient or otherwise, is prohibited from purchasing a gun. Oh I can have a gun, I just can’t go and buy one....more

Reiki Self-Alignment Ritual

Reiki is our universal life force or Source Energy. Invoking it, the Reiki master or practitioner expands the intensity of her focus into form, allowing that universal life force to flow through for others to take as they will. Reiki is nothing that a practitioner does to anyone. We only provide an expanded channel for Source Energy to flow....more

The Sounds of Healing

Sound resonates through me so I’ve always loved music. Whether it’s a full orchestral arrangement or a beautiful guitar solo, all music envelops me. And sometimes I’m not sure where the sound begins and I end....more