The Huge Lesson I Learned After Being Bullied in School

I went through an awkward stage. I think it’s safe to say that we have all spent at least one year of our lives as a gawky version of current selves. My moment came in the heart of fifth grade. I grew much more quickly than my other female classmates, and boy was I reminded of it. ...more

Consciousness as Cure

I know a few days ago I stated in a post that God must have created the laws of physics the way He did for some reason and maybe we shouldn't try flying just yet or we might end up killing our...more


My heart had been closed off and hiding out entombed as it was in a world of words and fragments of memories.Guilt, shame and self-criticism were relentless sentries, letting no hope in.I locked my heart to shield me from further pain and EVERYTHING else.Most especially from the one thing that could really heal me -Love.I discovered in the presence of your kind and steadfast love the priceless gift of acceptance without condemnation....more

My Mother Was Diagnosed With Cancer, and It Changed My Life Forever

It's still so surreal. It feels like just yesterday that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was so quick, so aggressive, so painful, so hard to watch. I have never experienced anything like it, and I hope to never have to again. ...more
I'm so sorry for your loss. This story brings back so many of my own memories - this ...more

Forgiveness: Clearing Out Emotional Clutter

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful practices we can embrace in order to live with an open and loving heart.  Forgiveness is an often misunderstood concept and as a result, can be difficult to apply in our lives.What is forgiveness?  Here is what it is not.  It is not deciding that what someone has done to you is acceptable.  This misunderstanding about forgiveness acts as an obstacle in our attempt to forgive others.  We know that what someone has done to us is not OK and as a result we are not interested in forgiving that person....more
Those darn hippies - he made me roll my eyes, but he really had a lot of wise things to say. Why ...more

Bat Shit Crazy - The Road to Healing

When was the last time you went "bat shit" crazy for someone? What did you do? Go into stalker mode? (Not hard to do with social media.) Key someone's car? Pee on your ex's personal belongings?...more
Those are wise advice, I agree with you.more

#60 Days of Faith, Hope, and Love

When I found out that Healing is the theme for Blogher’s September NaBloPoMo, I knew I had to join.Right now, I am in need of healing from the biggest heartbreak I’ve ever faced.You see, on Sunday, September 7th it will have been 60 days since I last saw my stepson Ryan’s beautiful smile....more
LilyLeung Thank you so much Lily.  I so appreciate your comment.  We are still taking things day ...more

To Heal

 In scripture He is called the "Great Physician" but most days I just need a masterminded surgeon. Let me tell you about a decubitus ulcer, they are gross. They are caused by skin breakdown , weak cells, they often can get right down to bone, infection filled, painful ulcers. Worse case the infection gets into your blood stream and you go septic or you loose an extremetie or even worse death if severe and untreated....more

Not Quite Healed: Repost from Celibacy Diaries

This is a repost from my blog: Celibacy Diaries. I wrote this after listening to two conference calls on Monday, July 30, 2014,  about celibacy, dating, and relationships. ...more