Is Dat A Bomb?

If you are ever having a foggy day and your joy seems to have fallen into a funk, just take a moment to chat with a kid. That is guaranteed to snap you out of your gloom, really fast. The questions they can ask sure beat anything you could pay to hear at the comedy spot.Some years ago my husband was standing next to a father and son while attending an event during which a commercial blimp flew overhead.  The little boy gazed quizzically at the sky, tugged his father’s shirt tail and asked:  “Is dat a bomb?”...more

Revenge: How Far Would You Go?

I was painfully reminded of my own story of betrayal coming across the American TV show 'Revenge' which chronicles the wronged life of Emily Thorne and the victims she 'takes down' (I told you, it's an American show) one by one. Victims who had any part to play in framing Emily's father for a crime he did not commit years before, and destroying her family when she was just a little girl. A little girl who ADORED her father.At the beginning of the first Season (Season 2 airs in the US this week, I believe) and through a series of then and now flashbacks, we catch up with Emily leaving prison and relocating to the upper class society town where her victims live. Where she once lived with her father.Now an adult of course, the town do not recognise her or know who she is - aside from being a beautiful, Preppy girl who has rocked up to rent a lavish beach house - but she knows everything about them.Everything....more


Cindy Vance My brother in-law has a very rare cancer, when he was 19, the doctors removed a tumor from his hip, he was told he would never have childre, he is a MIRACLE, he now has a beautiful eife, 3 wonderful children, in december lat year the cancer came back with vengence, they removed 2 tumors one wieghed 23lbs, they thought they got it all, we were just told yesterday that it's back, so sad I love my brother-inlaw so much he is such a terrific guy, I wished there was more I could do for him . ...more

The One Thing I Can't Say: I'm Depressed

The first time I remember feeling depressed was in the first grade.  My grandfather had just died.  During recess, I walked around the school yard without talking or playing with anyone for at least three days....more


Intercessor Luke 4:38-44 "..I must proclaim the good news of the reign of God."...more

Mom's Home

Being unemployed is a full-time job, but is very rewarding.When I was working full-time, I would drag myself out of bed at 6:30 and bust ass to be at my desk just blocks from home just in time to be late.I loved my job, too. It wasn’t like I had a dread of going, it just took forever to get ready every morning because I had to dress myself and that’s simply not in my skill set. I had a walk-in closet then too nearly as big as my bedroom now so it wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to wear, I just rarely felt like wearing anything I had.Bother....more
Gotta say, I love your attitude in this post. :)more

Organic Tryouts: Honest Healing Balm

When you hear the word "balm" it should trigger other words in your head like one-for-all, multi-tasking awesomeness, and untouchable.  Have you found a balm that does that?  I've found great alternatives to even my favorite petrolatum products (like Aquaphor- seems there's nothing it can't do), including Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment which I discussed here.  Usually a balm comes in a small tube or tin for easy t...more

Journaling vs. Blogging: Why I Blog

Sometimes I wonder why I blog instead of writing in a journal.  I wonder if you wonder that, too.I mean, why put all this stuff out there, for anyone and everyone who has a mind to it to read?  Big stuff, ugly stuff, painful stuff.  Even to me, it sometimes seems strange. Last night it hit me -- I blog because it helps me to survive....more

Where was God? The Spiritual Questions of Sexually Abused Children, Part 2

I am reading my way through your posts, Barbara. This is a subject that has dealt with some of ...more