New book released about healing from child sexual abuse using art

Barbara HughesNEW BOOK RELEASED TODAYBarbara Hughes' book,  Enfolded in Silence/ A Story in Art of Healing from Sexual Trauma in Childhood is a book of paintings. poetry and narrative that tells the story of healing from child sexual abuse. It contains also a manual of things that helped me heal.Praise for Enfolded in Silence:...more

Leap of Faith

When this 17 year- old of mine was born, I was expecting a healthy bundle of joy. No one mentions the possibility  that the bundle of joy you are about to bring into this world may bring you unspeakable sadness. And certainly no one tells you that the healthy baby you have carried for 9 months will not be breathing when she is born.  I can’t begin to describe the helplessness of listening for that first cry, and hearing – nothing. watching your newborn being whisked away to some unknown part of the hospital to be hooked up to machines that would breathe for her....more
Thanks for your kind thoughts. This strong young woman surprises me daily, and I look forward to ...more

Fire Wife Life Series - I Have Anticipatory Grief

I have anticipatory grief....more

How Clean Eating Changed My Life

Over the years, I have tried different diets and eating lifestyles. However, so far, clean eating has been the most beneficial lifestyle. I was a vegetarian for two years after graduating college, which may have seemed healthy. But, when I was a vegetarian, I was still eating some processed and refined foods minus meat and fish....more

How Leaning Into Joy Can Save Your Life

Recently, I was blessed to be able to spend an hour on the phone with my shero and mentor Brené Brown, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Daring Greatly. We had so much giddy fun on our teleclass about the intersection of vulnerability and health, how shame is lethal, and how daring greatly and practicing mind over medicine helps you heal....more

Solve the Problem In Your Own Time

It is terrific to learn that life will get better even though the it may take time. The modern world in which we live often moves quickly from one event to the next. However, some of the most important things in life have to be lived, dealt with and handled slowly, carefully and cannot be rushed. I have learned over the course of time that when a big problem or bad situation happens there are several steps that I go through:...more

So My Mother Is Dying

I’m surprised to find myself starting a blog. I’ve never kept a journal, and analyzing my thoughts and feelings through writing has never been a habit. But I have come to the belated realization (I’m 39) that I’ve bottled a tremendous amount of feeling and unprocessed emotion. I have always been a forward-looking person, and it is easy for me to get swept up in plans and hopes for the future. I guess I thought, perhaps unconsciously, that I could sweep old hurts and angers out of the way in anticipation of better things to come....more

A meditation for someone who has lost joy in life

Take a deep breath and pay close attention, please. You are a soul that happens to be in a body. You are not your body or your thoughts or your brain or your experiences. From always until always that thing that is YOU is, always has been and always will be. Think of a pilot light in a furnace. YOU are the flame....more

Daughter Dearest

The phone in the kitchen demands attention.            I sprint to answer it, holler through the house as I run. “I got it.” I grab the mustard receiver from its wall mount and press it to my ear. “Hello?”            “Hey. What’re you doing?” It’s Karen, my best friend. She only lives a block away but it’s too cold and too late on a school night to meet on the corner to yack....more