The Woman in Red--Part V

I waited on the shore with the others, as Dan had instructed. Thankfully there was no one I knew. No one with a pointing finger to shout, “Unclean!...more

A Post about My Work

Please check out for a post (Healing Sexual Abuse) about my work. It talks about my work with survivors of childhood sexual abuse using art and has images of my sculpture. It mentions my upcoming retreat called "Nurturing the Child Within using Art." It is March 17 (see my earlier blog post about it). The post will be followed by another one about my art inspired by my semester in Tanzania. Thanks to the author of this site for her encouragement. ...more Yes! Go for it! :-)more

He's My Healer

The title says it all.  I am thankful for God’s power to heal.  Without going into much detail, suffice it to say that if it’s not one health concern, it’s another.  While getting ready to leave for a dinner date with my husband earlier this evening, I had to summon him to my side twice to literally help get me on my feet.  The pain that I experienced was the worst that I can remember for this particular ailment and it lasted longer than ever....more

4 Questions To Help You Heal

My new friend Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles, and one of our newest bloggers on Owning Pink, asks his patients four key questions I wanted to share with you.4 Healing Questions ...more

Pushing Your Past Out Into Your Future

I'm guilty of many things that are less than healthy (ice cream addiction, Oreo cookie addiction, couch addiction, etc.), but one of the most unhealthy things that I've always done and I am working on changing is the fact that I allow my past to cause me pain in the present, so much so that I sometimes end up pushing my past out into my future.  What do I mean by that?  I'll tell you....more

Collaboration Trumps Competition In Health Care

As I wrote in my post about The Healing Round Table, you shouldn’t have to choose between opposing sides when it comes to your health care. You shouldn’t feel tension or division between your doula and your OB/GYN, or your Chinese medicine doctor and your Western physician. Or your psychiatrist and your psychologist....more

Using Art to Heal from Child Sexual Abuse

         I am an artist and a survivor, and I have used many forms of art (as well as psychotherapy) in healing from my abuse. I now teach these techniques to survivors of child sexual abuse in retreats and workshops. Simple collage (magazine pictures or other images glued on to stiff board) is a wonderful tool. The trauma of abuse is so global in feeling and effect, that the collage provides us with a broad panorama in which to express ourselves....more Dear Robin, Thanks for the encouragement. I am writing a book about healing ...more

Acknowledging the Darkness Within



I hurt myself on Friday.  I was a year-round, three sport a year athlete as a youngster and have worked out fairly regularly all of my adulthood.  Amazingly this is my first sports-related injury ever, aside from those blows that landed squarely on the crotch of my ego.  My mother would say my body shook off pain like a dog shakes off water because I am “built like a brick shit house.”  In my life I have leaned more toward injuries related to doing things like driving cars and walking down stairs, activities that I deem very high risk and with good reason.  ...more
OMG. I freak out. I can't be immobile; I go crazy in my head. I usually lay off it as long as ...more

A New Year Cleanse

I did some meaningful purging today.  In honor of the beginning of the new year, I decided it was a good day to sift through the tangible memories I had been carrying with me - the words and memories I have spent the past year trying to understand, make sense of, resolve. Note to self...there is never a good day to do this. Yet, it had to be done. Some would argue, it was well overdue.  I knew this moment would come as I had also come to realize that I couldn't carry the heaviness with me anymore. ...more