5 Proven Ways to Get Motivated to Workout

Getting the motivation to workout can be tough for most people. (Who am I kidding—everyone struggles with it in some measure.) We are programmed for the path of least resistance, and that path generally includes comfortable pants, a cold beer, and a pizza that is just above room temperature.Here are five powerful ways that you can unleash some heavy-duty workout motivation on yourself in order to get to the gym and beat on it like it owes you money:...more

Health and Wellness

A big difference exists along also the words health and wellness. While most people arbitrate these words to convey same meanings, their definitions adjust considerably. Health, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is defined as, "the condition of being hermetically sealed in body, mind, or simulation; especially understandable from swine sickness or colorless sensitive." More clearly put, health is a conditional divulge. A person can doings earsplitting health or bad health, based upon their creature and emotional symptoms....more

5 Things for Making the Most of Your Training Log Book

The workout journal is one of the most powerful weapons athletes and gym-goers can unleash in order to get more from their training.The benefits of using a log book have been proven and are well known: it will help you stay motivated, keep you accountable, and better plan and chart progression and improvement.Here are some tips for how to make the most of your workout log book so that you can maximize the results for time spent writing out your sessions in the gym....more

How Often Should You See a Dentist

The dentist plays an important role in our lives. After all, they are directly linked to us having healthy teeth – and who doesn’t want that? I personally don’t think there is much worse than meeting someone who doesn’t practice proper dental hygiene. But what exactly is the right amount of care for your teeth?...more

What are parabens?

More and more these days we hear stories from skincare specialists and scientists that there maybe links between Parabens and Cancer…so what are Parabens and should we be avoiding them where possible?...more

Factors Your Never Knew Affects Your Blood Glucose

Are you aware of the fact that before one is being diagnosed of diabetes, it doesn’t have to do with food you ate or even how active you get, the body’s blood glucose levels stays within normal range. However once diabetes sets in, the body’s blood glucose state rise higher. Thus, certain diabetes treatment drugs make them go lower than normal. You should know that many factors affect the blood glucose levels....more

The Connection Between Oral and Overall Health

Your mouth is the gateway to the body, and not just because it is how we get our fuel, but because your oral health can be an indicator of your entire body’s health. Good oral hygiene isn’t just about having a nice smile and keeping bad breath at bay, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle and being at your very healthiest. The bacteria that live in our mouth aren’t confined to the mouth, which means an unhealthy mouth can result in an unhealthy body....more