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It is difficult to talk about diet, weight and health without including the topic of physical exercise.  During my dietary guidelines research, I unearthed a statistic that I have pondered over the past few weeks.USDA data reports that more than 50% of adults in the United States are not physically active. ...more

Is this the trick you need to finally learn portion control?

Portion control has always been a challenge for me. My diet is pretty good, and I usually make healthy food choices but I  can definitely overeat once I get started. And I’m at my worst when I’m facing a big portion of delicious food at restaurants. I try to stop eating but I can’t, even if I’m full. So I was really intrigued when I read about MealEnders. ...more

Probiotics: The Importance on Our Health

Recent research shows that probiotics are important to good health. They have impact many vital body functions and are the secret to the anti-aging process. Many people take a multi-vitamin each day as a preventative. The truth is that probiotics are likely more important than your multi-vitamin....more

8 Healthy Easter Basket Ideas

Hi everyone!  I'm back with Dr. Jennie, the one who has the PhD in play?  She and I thought we might give you some healthier Easter basket alternatives.  My kiddos will definitely be getting a sweet treat, but these awesome toys will last a lot longer.   Enjoy!xo,Christy    ...more

Rosemary Sugar Carrots with Recipe!

What a delightful mix, you can never go wrong with rosemary! Today, to continue into Carrot week for our #BeMindfulDaily weekly food highlights - one of our #MindfulGirls Emily has made us these delicious carrots! She used this as a side dish, but these can easily used as a snack - if you have the time or if you prep ahead....more

I'm with Julia on this one: More moderation, less "skinny"

I do my fair share of magical thinking, especially when it comes to food. Scrolling through Pinterest, I'm just as likely to pin a decadent chocolate dessert as I am an "awesome" and "amazing" cauliflower pizza crust, even though you and I both know there is nothing "crusty" or amazing about pressed cauliflower. I know, I tried that damn recipe three times. But I persist....more

Another year of childcare, another truancy letter......

Sitting here this morning with my coffee, I was having a relatively good morning. The kids who were here already were playing happily, and the next ones weren’t due through the door for half an hour. As things always go however, the phone rang with a parent question.“Hey Terri, we’re going to be running a little late this morning. We’re on our way. Suzy is going to be there but Matthew won’t. He’s got a temp of 102* so I am going to keep him home.”...more
reillysmom16 Provider's Garden At his age he is old enough to practice proper handwashing and ...more

Why I was an essential Oils SKEPTIC & what changed my mind!

Since the birth of my baby, I've been much more health conscious.  Now that I have a little one to care for, I'm thinking about things I never really gave much thought to previously....more

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