Autism Mom's: Journey To Self Care

A day in the life of an autism mom (parent) can be VERY stressful and overwhelming... between dealing with unscheduled meltdowns, potty training issues, countless therapies and endless fighting with the school system to get the much-needed and well-deserved accommodations and services. These are the added list of “duties” on top of everything else. Many parents may attest to the fact that we become really good at operating on auto pilot....more

How to Beat Your Anxiety Through Food!

Eating the right foods may be your stay-calm trick to treating anxiety.  (This post first appeared on the Kitchology Blog.)Recent research has revealed that certain foods can make us feel calmer and reduce anxiety.  Perhaps, this maybe a temporary experience but making some modifications to your diet may help alleviate your symptoms....more

6 Health Trends That Give Me the Dry Heaves

I read a lot of health and fitness articles, so it’s not unusual I come across a few posts here and there sharing the latest health trends. As with any trend, whether it be fashion or fitness, one will run into a few weird fads. However, the 6 health trends below are way past weird, they’re downright puke producing.Quick question. Are ya hungry?...more

Taking Baby Steps For Your Post-Baby Body

Here in Toronto, the start of August signals the imminent end to our too-short summer season. Almost every year around this time, I come to one clear revelation: I didn’t get my summer body as "on point" as I wanted it to be. And almost every year around this time, I make another promise: Next year, I swear I’ll do better. ...more
I love that you revelled in your pregnancy curves! It's amazing how our bodies change during ...more

Are Your Clothes Making You Sick?

Is pollen landing on your clothing and making you sick? Madame Paulette's John Mahdessian has tips and tricks for you. -PJ Gach...more

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Anti-Inflammatory Diet {Blog Post} ...more
Thank you for the informative post.  I have been gluten-free for several years now and have been ...more

Weekly Wellness Challenge: Prioritize Yourself.

Now that we have had time to recover from holidays and long weekends, regular schedules have settled in and we are chugging along week by week. I feel like I have set out my schedule for the next six months or so and it is already packed! Trips here and there, social plans, meetings, and appointments have all filled my calendar and now I’m planning out through the end of the year!...more

Friday FitLife Tip: Health Journal

Happy Friday! It is finally the weekend! It was definitely an adjustment getting back into a regular schedule during this first full week of 2015. I think I am ready to nap all weekend and stay warm inside during this cold snap!...more

Make Your Workout Less BORING and more EFFECTIVE.

Box jumps or tire jumps get the heart rate up very quickly! (photo taken by one of our wonderful members at Pure)...more

Making Mondays Happy

Most of us struggle when Monday comes barging in. Something about Mondays makes it so difficult to get out of bed and get going. If you suffer from the Monday blues, like most people, here are a few tricks that may help you start those pesky Mondays the right way once you get the hang of it the tips below can be added to your daily regimen....more