Tell A Joke, Save a Life

If laughter is indeed the best medicine, it would explain why I never feel well. I’m just not the ha-ha type. I always knew I lacked the rip-roaring gene, but I never really thought much about it. Until Marge made a comment. All it takes is one aside from my mother and I feel myself bristle. “You don’t laugh much, Amy, but when you do, you kind of have a nervous laugh,” she felt fit to share. It was on the heels of a recent hair appointment I went to with my daughter....more

Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress Level

You may feel there's absolutely nothing you could do about your stress level.You know: the bills will not stop coming, there will never be more hours in the day, and your job and household responsibilities will consistently be there.Well, sorry to disappoint you but there is....more

An Open Letter to Oprah Winfrey

While I know there are WW members who rely on the frozen, chemical-laden products, I can ...more

Healthy Chocolate Syrup - with HALF the Calories and Sugar!

  Aaahhh, chocolate milk! An all-time favorite for adults and kids alike....more

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a Misnomer

Only I could make Breast Cancer Awareness Month all about me – a person who (thankfully) has never had breast cancer. That’s not to say I haven’t experienced it first hand: I helped my mother through two separate bouts and watched the pain and grief and futility wrack her body on more occasions than either of us cares to remember. Cancer isn’t pretty and it isn’t kind. And for those of us on the sidelines, it’s frustrating. Frustrating when you see someone suffering and frustrating when you can’t be there and frustrating when you feel helpless....more

8 Ways to Stay Healthy at a Desk Job

In college, I was an active person. It wasn’t that I worked out a lot or played sports, it was inadvertent, but true. It was roughly a 10-minute walk to my classes from the dorm I lived in, and the house I lived in during my junior and senior years; I typically made that walk several times per day. ...more
I realized finally that sitting at my desk all day was killing me! I'm not the "gym" type of ...more

Natural Treatments for Gout

When most people think about gout, they think it is something that affects the toes. Actually, it is a form of arthritis, and there are many parts of the body that can be affected, including the ears, hands, wrists, knees, and ankles. People who have gout experience a variety of symptoms, such as pain ranging from tenderness to extreme, swelling, and joint inflammation. It is not known what exactly causes gout, but it is known that a high level of uric acid in the body can be a factor. While many people who have gout opt for medical treatments, there are actually many ways that you can naturally treat this condition. ...more

Sugar Free Switchel


Stress Management: How to Achieve Balance

Stress: a feeling most of us are all too familiar with, especially at this time of year. No matter what stage of life you are in, fall tends to be what is often referred to as "crunch time": when the relaxation of summer is officially over and work or school has resumed in full swing....more