10 Easy Kitchen Fixes that will Drop the Pounds!

I have a confession to make - I don't like cooking.I do love being in the kitchen though, because I love to create and experiment. I love the problem-solving in order to fix a failure and I love savouring the successes....more

Would You Tell Your Friends If You Had a Serious Illness?

A few minutes ago, I shared a few tips on how parents can prepare for school if their kids have type 1 diabetes. I admit, it was partly for selfish reasons: I just a lost a friend to type 1 diabetes.What made it really hard for me was the fact that she never told me she had diabetes. Her parents never told me. Her brother never told me, either. And yes, I feel betrayed that one of my best friends never thought I deserved to know the truth....more

Back-to-School Tips for Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes

With the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year, many parents experience anxieties concerning the safety and well-being of their children. And for parents of children living with type 1 diabetes, those fears and anxieties can be even more pronounced. Since children with diabetes need special care and considerations, many parents worry that their children's needs aren't being met. Full disclosure: My boyfriend was hyperglycemic since he was seven. He was almost diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It was an everyday struggle, but it was manageable. But just last week, it broke my heart that one of my best friends passed away from type 1 diabetes. Until she died, I didn't even know she had it! I felt betrayed - I know, it's selfish of me, but it was how I felt....more

The Blog

With a BS in English and a minor in Spanish and an MBA, my true loves are writing, fitness, and nutrition. While I doubt I will become the next great novelist or the next Chalene Johnson, the next best thing must be a fitness blogger where I can utilize my two great passions, writing and fitness. I have a future goal of becoming certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant through AFPA....more

The Real MVP

After a long Friday night that extended into the wee hours of the morning watching movies and bonding with Cornelius, I woke up with his sniffles. All moms know what the sniffles are. It’s what you get right before the sneeze brought on by something as small as a common cold and as major as the flu. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I noticed my son was doing a lot of back to back sneezing. With both of us being allergy and sinus attack targets, I turned on all of our Airpura F600 Air Purifiers and ran our regular house check....more

Why you don't always need to accomplish everything on your to-do list

Since I became a mom, I started keeping a to-do list on my iPhone. I like to believe that it helps me stay organized. Plus it’s easier to keep track of than a post-it note, which my daughter Emma would likely mistake for a sticker....more

Running Towards Happiness

  By Shaless Peoples ...more

When life gives you a twist of Lyme Disease

This is the post I have been trying to get the nerve up to write for almost a year. ...more

Refusing to Vaccinate Leads to Outbreaks

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. I get it. The decision to vaccinate yourself or your child is a contentious subject. Stacy Morrison's post at the beginning of the month (or more specifically the comments it generated) proved that point. This conversation is important and the facts are important - even if it isn't (in some circles) popular. The comments section got very heated, and I think Stacy did a fantastic job of staying above the fray without backing down on her stance. ...more
Hi Jordan - thank you for sharing! I'm sorry that your daughter had a bad reaction to vaccines. ...more

We Play With Food

 I so wanted to plant my first garden this year but it just never happened...I mean in be...more