Start Getting Fit Today With These Easy Tips

These days all types of people have become concerned about their health, whether they are teenagers or middle aged people, housewives or business men, students or the unemployed, each and every person is to some extent trying to live a healthier life in order to avoid the risk of conditions such as obesity, heart disease, asthma, diabetes, depression, etc....more

Healthy Nourishing for Active Women

Today we’re going to chat a little bit about the importance of fueling our bodies for activity and exercise, and making sure we get enough to be able to sustain an active lifestyle. Because we don’t just want to exercise once or twice, right? We want it to be part of our healthy lifestyle, consistently....more

5 ways to Soothe a Sore Throat + Giveaway

Spring is in the air and with it allergies. It also brings with it irritated or sore throat due to those allergies. Here at our house we are fighting them big time. So I wanted to share with you some of the ways we are getting relief from our sore and irritated throats.  ...more

Teeth grinding & TMJ problems? Get help

I kept waking up with headaches and jaw pain, and thought maybe I was clenching my teeth at night. But after I broke a tooth, my dentist broke the bad news: I was grinding my teeth at night - and hard. What to do? The dentist recommended a mouth guard, as well as giving up caffeine prior to bed and using a warm washcloth to relax my jaw before I went to sleep. And one of the most challenging solutions he offered? Giving up chewing gum, which I chewed constantly....more

Spring Clean Your Body: Gentle Ways to Detoxify this Spring

The snow is gone, the grass is green, and we are spending our weekends doing Spring clean up in our homes and yards. The leaves get raked, the storm windows come out and screens go in. Maybe the house gets a fresh coat of paint, and all the stuff (junk) we accumulated over the winter gets thrown out or organized. What we are missing in our “Spring cleaning” routine, though, is Spring cleaning our bodies....more

A is for Annette Kellerman


Getting off the park bench

When it comes down to it, I have two choices. 1. I could sit here on this park bench, which is in the sunshine and giving me a much-needed boost of vitamin D. And I could read my book, which I have been waiting to start for several weeks now but haven't found the time....more

5 nutrition myths that need to die

Nutrition can be a tricky subject. New studies hit the mainstream media all the time and we can’t help but eat it all up (pun intended).Staying informed is a good thing, don’t get me wrong. But the headlines are often confusing or contradictory to what has been published before (and what we’ve gotten used to in our daily lives)....more

Health and Beauty Tips from Outspoken TV Nurse, Karon Gibson RN CCM

Karon Gibson RN CCM TV Host of Outspoken with Karon RN...Trying to reduce bags under eyes?  Try VeniceMd DNA serum with plant caviar for a natural help.  Need a barrette that is sturdy, try Ponilox, Magic Opener helps with cans and other bottles to open easier. Outspoken talks with Penny Chelios abou Surripulation and Anastasia zappas about her hair artwork. Dr. Tony Koufos is a naturapath, reflexologist and iridologist in Plainfield Illinois Mary McFall is an RN, BSN , LE ...more

Four Health and Beauty Trends That Don’t Work… and One That Actually Does

Do you remember that scene in Steel Magnolias where the gorgeous Julia Roberts is wearing a hair mask made up of mayonnaise? ...more