If I'm honest, I've never been able to fully enjoy myself sitting at the beach on a hot summer's day. Sure, when I first get there, I'll plop down my chair in the sand, gaze at the beautiful ocean, breathe in that salty ocean air and soak in the sunshine with a huge sense of pleasure but, inevitably, my gaze begins to wander. I don't think I'm unique in this experience. Before I know it, I'm people watching and eyeing up passers-by beneath the protection of my shades. It doesn't take long before some toned body goes running by on the water's edge and I'm reminded, yet again, of my non-existent exercise routine. I may be thin but I'm not toned. Someone who eats healthy can be skinny but to be toned you need to actually work your muscles. If you avoid exercise, as I almost always have, it's as if you'll always feel that slight sense of disconnect and discontent with your own body. It's a subtle non-spoken guilt that comes out to play only when you finally reveal your skin to the sunshine. No matter how many times I try to feel confident sitting on the beach, I generally walk away from the day feeling disheartened and agitated with no one to blame but myself....more

Tips for Fitting Exercise into your Schedule

Fitting exercise into your daily routine is very difficult. Most of us work full time jobs, which means we either have to get up extra early to work out or come home from a long day at work, tired and then work out. Some of us are stay at home parents, doing laundry, going to play dates, cleaning the house, running errands and then trying to fit working out in your busy schedule.Either way, working out has to become a lifetime commitment that is part of your daily routine. But once you get it figured out, you can make it work and you become a happier, healthier you....more

Being A blendy

I describe myself as a 'blendy'.I do not like rigid beliefs as it doesn't make any sense... unless of course I was the only person on this planet.   I'd not have anyone to 'compare' with.People do make mistakes and make no mistake I'm sure if you look at the 'most perfect' person in your world, you will find they have made some too.Hypocrisy - embrace your inner hypocrite and find new ways to tell people off.  Own your own mistakes.  Tooting your own horn as an example of how 'things should be done' isn't the way. ...more

What the Paleo Diet Can Do for You

How to Be a Morning Workout Person

I know we've all read something somewhere about the positive effects of working out first thing in the morning. A jump-started metabolism, more energy, and a better chance of consistency are just a few of the outcomes that come to mind.  So, how can we train ourselves to become morning workout people and reap the benefits of the a.m. sweat session?...more

Spices in Homemade Baby Food

Nutrition and Fitness Terms Cheat Sheet

If you’re pretty new to the whole nutrition and fitness world, you might not know what the heck some of the more common terms mean....more

Not Losing Weight: Stop Doing These 3 Things

A few years ago I had to perform this 20 minute long dance in nothing but nude trunks and a bra top. Yeah, I know…cruel.Already struggling with depression, and unresolved body issues to boot, I had to get used to the fact that I’d be dancing in basically a bikini in six weeks. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled....more