The Importance of Being Earnest (with Weight Loss)

I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards.Abraham Lincoln We’ve all felt it.That moment of determined decision, of fist-pumping and resolve.I am going to get healthy and lose weight.I’ll even start running. I am going to start running every morning.Every morning and every NIGHT.No more junk food, ever. Only vegetables. Only carrots from now on....All I will do is run and eat carrots. ...more

Okay, you can stop sneezing now!!!


Episode 43: Swallowing My Pride.....

As sore throats go, the one that I have got is not only stubborn, but bloody painful! I went to the doctors with it just over a week ago, was packed off with antibiotics, told I was infectious, and that I should try to rest ….....more

Is 96 Too Young To Die?

I recently wrote a post stating   Take Time For Your Health Today So.......You Will Have Health For Your Time Tomorrow.  I shared how I witness miracles almost every day -- what an incredible place to live.  You can read that post here....more

Money Can't Buy Me Love

This is a bit of a photo intensive post, so please follow the link to read this one. Thank you! Caring Heart

Do You Want Health For Your Time Tomorrow?

I live in a world of miracles.  Every.  Single. Day.  Do you have any idea what that feels like?  Now many of you will nod and agree that life, in itself, is a daily miracle.  But I am one of those fortunate people who gets to experience outstanding miracles on a regular basis.  I get to be the recipient of hugs and I mean, really big tight hugs....when I have been able to give someone hope who has lost hope....more

The Pain ISN'T All In My Head

In late October, I had my first visit with Dr. R, a rheumatologist.  I’ve been having problems with my left hand (gripping things, opening things, pain, shaking) and with my knee (feels like it was grinding bone against bone).  I found out a lot during the visit and from the subsequent blood work....more

Ask Your Pharmacist Week

From my blog, Take It Easy...more

Bad, Bad, Bad Medical Staff

* * * UPDATE * * * November 9, 2014 -----I am changing my review ranking regarding Dr. David B. Mallory. Since first publishing this original post and giving a bad review on Google+, Dr. Mallory has contacted me, assuring that his staff has been notified of their egregious behavior. The following (in red) is a copy of my updated review on Google+....more