My Fitness (or not) Story

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Intense 12min TABATA Workout

Do Good for Kids

Do Good Today Help a great cause increase their donations just by searching the Net. Use today for your internet searches and Micro Greens Project will receive $.01 for every query!

Turn Your Day Around

“When life brings you lemons, make lemonade.” Throughout the day everyone has encountered problems along the way that can completely alter the rest of your day. You’re moody…stressed out…and just plain tired. We’ve all been there, but somehow we forget how we can turn our day back around. We wanted to give you some positive tips to push you through your negative situations. ...more

5 Common Ailments Treatable with Natural Healing Oils

Now, more than ever, we are looking into what we’re putting into our bodies. The awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle has made some major strides in the recent years. Families are going organic and are making an effort to stay away from processed sugars.With that being said, it’s great that you're watching what you’re putting in your body, food-wise. But are you paying attention on the medical front?...more

Amazing Yogurt Health & Wellness Benefits

With so many luscious flavors to choose from, it seems everyone is eating delicious nutritious low-fat yogurt these days.  And rightfully so.  The health benefits of eating yogurt, especially low-fat greek yogurt, are endless....more

Think Before You Post that Platitude Online

There's been something weighing on my mind that's been sitting there for a while. It has to do with people spouting well-meaning platitudes that unfortunately come across as being condescending, hurtful, ignorant or even just cruel. ...more
I have a child with cystic fibrosis. While not 'disabled', it is a fatal and incurable ...more

As we clean up Mama Earth, Don’t forget about Mama Me (err You)!

Today is a very special Technotini Toasting Tuesdays because I'm celebrating the one year mark of being breast cancer free!  It was a year ago today that I had my mastectomy-April 22, 2013-Earth Day.  Earth Day has always been one of my favorite holidays.  I love how everyone comes together to celebrate Mother Earth and participate in concerts, clean ups, outdoor activities and more in appreciation of our beautiful planet....more

Doctors Share 7 Biggest Fertility Misconceptions for National Infertility Awareness Week

National study shows widespread lack of fertility knowledge among reproductive-age women.  Fertility Centers of Illinois physicians share the most common misconceptions they hear from patients....more
yes, it is truly amazing how many young women at the peak of their fertility don't even know ...more

If Your Teenager Turns Vegetarian, It May Not Last Long...

‘I’m going vegetarian announced,’ daughter 14 last Friday. ‘Why you love meat?’ said brother 10. ‘Because the average human consumes 342 animals a year,’ she said. ‘But I’m starting tomorrow because I had a chicken wrap for lunch.’ ‘I stopped eating potatoes for a year because someone told me they’d make me fat when I was your age,’ I replied. Newly-teen-vego marched off. On to the food fad faze I thought. Been there done that, thirty three years ago....more