Importance of Sexual Health for Men

The state of mind and social well-being with respect to one’s sexuality is termed as sexual health. Sexual health is like a beating heart for a man. Good male health means his capacity to perform sexual intercourse. The sexual health of men is not as complicated as that of women.Testing a man for being sexually healthy is very easy and does not involve any sort of complications....more

7 Healthy Diet Tips For a Happy 2017

2017 is finally here, and across the country everybody is making resolutions for the new year. I'm sure 95% of these are focused on dating, weight loss and exercise.As a student of nutrition I'm saddened by all the horrible articles I see that urge us to cut out fat, eat almost zero salt and consume sugar in moderation.Why is it always this way? There is no reason to fear dietary fat or salt for that matter, but many magazine articles make them sound like the devil....more


A healthy life is all about balance....more

7 Things You Can Do Today for More Effective Workouts

When we think about getting in better shape the temptation is to always think more.More workouts. More time at the gym. More reps. More sets. More, more, more.But not many of us have more time to devote to working out. We are already spending a sizable amount of time at the gym, and would prefer to see better results from the energy and time already spent working out.Here are 7 things you can do to get better results from your workout routine without spending an extra minute in the gym:...more

Could Glutathione Help Your Child's Autistic Symptoms?

Before we dive into how you can supercharge your child’s waste removal system and actually improve their autistic symptoms, I want to highlight something.In the last couple weeks, we’ve published other articles showing how certain supplements and diet changes can help improve your child’s autistic symptoms. If you want the best results for your child, these different strategies actually work best together....more

This ingredient could be worsening your child's autistic symptoms

You may have heard about MSG in the past. Its full name is monosodium glutamate. It received a lot of media attention in the past with what was known as the “Chinese Restaurant Syndrome,” which was just a letter that someone wrote about how he would get headaches 15 to 20 minutes after eating Chinese food. This letter lingered on, even though there seems to be little scientific evidence to find this link between MSG in Chinese food and headaches....more

Top 10 Women’s Health and Fitness Tips

Life has become highly fast-paced today. Amidst the countless worries that plague us, it is very easy to lose track of the needs of your body....more

New Year, New You: Why Now? Why Not!

I know you're not ready yet. You're still stuffing that "last" cookie into your mouth and convincing yourself that streaming Netflix for the 4th hour in a row is perfectly normal behavior. And that's okay. We all do it. The holidays are a time of indulgence, when we wallow in the comfort of our warm homes and the forgiveness of pajama pants. And then comes the New Year, thick with thoughts of resolutions and new beginnings. We step out of the shadow of that midnight chime with our good intentions, girded with resolve to transform into the best version of ourselves....more