Laughter & Tears Through Breast Cancer

OH MY HAIR!  My hair is growing! ...more

Being in the Moment

I recently have been working hard on being in the moment. Sounds easy, right? Everyone is in a moment, but are you really focusing and experiencing what is actually happening?...more

Achieving Goals ... Allowing Mistakes

I am an all or nothing type of girl. At times, this can be a wonderful characteristic, but a lot of times it is an issue. My goal for 2016 is to become healthier, but also to learn more about myself while doing so. This includes: exercise, nutrition, mentally, my faith, being a blogger, being a mother, and more. Let’s just say it has been a rough start to 2016. A lot of things I have not been able to control, but I have allowed it to effect myself from achieving my goals....more

One Ovary Down.

I have one ovary. There, I said it. Many of you, actually all of you, are wondering why the hell would any woman share such an intimate detail about her life?  After careful thought I decided my story is maddening, funny, sad, cruel, frustrating and a lot of other emotions and needed to be shared....more

Spring, Sacrifice and Sarcasm

I’m training for the MORE/SHAPE Women’s Half Marathon next month. I’m focusing on work with an important client, and I’m trying to stay mentally alert.As someone who values exploration, indulging, and who suffers from a case of FOMO so severe that I’m certain that I’ve broken the world record for most birthday parties attended in one day (which might have been five), saying no to fun is not easy for me....more

Couscous vs Quinoa: Which Should You be Feeding Your Family?

I hope Spring has arrived for you as it has here in gorgeous Southern Utah! We had a fabulous weekend of great weather, great food and fun outdoor activities sprinkled with just the right amount of making progress around the house. I also learned a little more about couscous vs quinoa to help when planning meals....more

5 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples

Unfortunately and unfairly, flawless skin is something most of us can only dream of. Regardless of a person’s age or gender, pimples are ubiquitous. . They make us look unflattering, feel inadequate and force us to spend a fortune on expensive procedures in salons or on cosmetics which are supposed to help us get rid of pimples. If only ads were true, and we got smooth faces after applying those creams. ...more

When Mommy Needs a Good, Long Cry

I had a bad day. Things didn't really go my way at work, and they weren't going that well at home, either. There comes a point where you really don't want to hear your family's critiques about the new recipe you just rushed home to prepare for them; you just want them to eat it. Image: Chris Costes via Flickr via a Creative Commons license ...more

rides with rick: with wi edition

If you have been reading this here blog for awhile (read: six-ish months) then you know that it's a special day when I agree to go bike riding with Rick.  In fact, the last time that I agreed to such a crazy thing was September 20, 2015...more

Is There Such a Thing as Overstepping When it Comes to Suicide?

If only it were as easy as a song lyric by The Fray, “Step one, you say we need to talk.”  If there were a play-by-play on how to save a life, a manual to consult, anything that might point you in the right direction. But there is no specific Step One. Saving a life, or trying to save a life, is like standing on dry land and watching an unsteady ship not so far from shore list from one side to the other, taking on water as it sways. You can see that the ship and its passenger are in peril, but you feel powerless to do anything....more