Pack Your Gym Bag For Success

There are so many excuses we make about not being able to go to the gym. One of the main excuses we make is either, “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have what I need to go right now.” We have the perfect solution to your problem, always have a gym bag in your car filled with all your essential gym items you need. This way you have no excuse not to hit the gym after work or where ever you may be.The asterisk items are what you need to have prepared each day in advance.   The rest of the items are great to keep in your bag at all times.  ...more

taking care of me

life gets in the way.busy just gets a mother of 3 (2 teenage daughters and a preschool son) i always put myself last.that might sound nice and selfless, but when i put myself last i sacrifice my health and well-being....more

Getting Your"Self" Back: Step #1: Playing The Victim is for Sissies!

It was so simple. It was so perfect. It was the best thing he could have said.My favorite doctor, Dr. M.I had spent the last few months feeling sorry for myself and living on drugs that I was assured would help me. And, often, they did. So, when I had bad days, I asked for more....more

My RA Blog: I’m Losing Me and I Want Me Back!

"Honey, wake up. I'm having trouble opening up my hands.  My fingers are stiff."  I tapped my husband but he wouldn’t budge.  It's the strangest you think it was the golf?"Babe, wake up….that thing with my hands is happening's like my fingers are hard; they are stiff.  I was thinking, it's probably that time I fell off the bike.  You know, I've never been right since then.”...more

Getting Fit For Summer: The Top 8 Bike Paths in the Western United States

As any bike rider knows, the path that you ride on plays a great deal in the enjoyment of the ride. Depending on the route, you're going to either have a great or terrible time. The more challenging the route, the better. Here are some of the best bike paths to ride on in the Western United States....more
I can't wait to show this to the hubby because we love to ride our bikes on the lakefront in ...more

Confession: I have an Autoimmune Disease

I’ve thought about writing this blog post so many times over the past three years.I’ve sorted carefully through the words in my head, trying to figure a way to properly express the multitude of feelings that come with a psoriasis diagnosis. Even now that I’ve committed to finally talking about it, I can’t quite figure out a way to describe the shame and despair caused by a flare up.I’ve been living with plaque psoriasis for over a decade, but it has taken me so many years to even say the words out loud to my closest friends....more

Kicking the Big Red Can

I am a Coca Cola girl, not Pepsi, but Coca Cola…and the 100% full strength kind. I don’t do Coke Zero and Diet Coke makes me gag. I don’t drink coffee so my Coca Cola is my morning pick me up. The big red can, or bottle, is like my alarm clock. Years ago, one of the office assistants would check to see if I had my morning “dose” before she would bring anything really big to me (she was playing it safe). It has been my sweet addiction....more

Top 8 Health Retreats Around The World

Spending a week in a relaxing health retreat can take out the fatigue and boredom of everyday life. The constant stress, daily tasks and many responsibilities will melt away while you are lying in the lap of luxury or are surrounded by stunning nature. Whether you want to enjoy long walks in the nature, follow a strict detox diet or simply reconnect with your inner soul through meditation, it is essential to look for a health retreat that will fit your needs....more

My Wakeup Call

I remember it like it was yesterday.  Oh wait.  It was yesterday.  The voice on the other end of the phone was telling me that I had been cast as a speaker in the NYC version of Listen To Your Mother, a national series of live readings in 32 series nationwide in celebration of Mother’s Day.So how did I, a Westchester mother who works in the Financial District, end up getting the call?  Let me, first, retrace my steps....more
So exciting to hear this!more

New BPA Hysteria – Fact or Fiction?

As soon as someone mentions BPA (bisphenol A), I recall the glasses and glass holders our family now uses to replace the plastic containers that previously populated our cupboards.  Like many moms, my number one priority is to keep my kids safe.  So of course, I have also been concerned about BPA in the past....more