Looking to Go Vegan? Advice From a Physician Who Tried a Plant-Based Diet for 21 Days

Are you apprehensive about the thought of change, but toying around with the idea of getting healthier and making some adjustments to your diet? A plant-based diet could be a good option.According to recent reports, the benefits of a plant-based diet are many. US News and World Report recently reported that a plant-based diet can help prevent type 2 diabetes, improve heart health, slow or prevent macular degeneration, and help aid in weight loss....more
I want to make the switch to vegan. My approach to habit change is baby steps, small incremental ...more

The Only Path Through Pain is Straight Through It

My sister is the queen of shortcuts. The shortcuts involving an automobile, that is. She’ll find every back road, every right turn that prevents a left, every roundabout tucked in a sleepy neighborhood, anything to prevent going from Point A to Point B in a traditional path. To her, it’s not about the time saved, but about the puzzle she creates and then solves; the circuitous route is the one best traveled in her world. It makes me want to scream, and throw up. All those twists and turns, and mountainous speed bumps leave me both queasy and frustrated....more

Beet, Berry & Cacao Smoothie: A Natural Energy & Mood Booster

Increase endurance and boost your mood with a decadently delicious Beet, Berry, and Cacao Smoothie....more

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

It didn't take long to sell me on Vegan Peanut Butter Cups  that are yummy , without any dairy and cholesterol plus a bit of a nutritional boost!Did I mention gluten-free? ALMOST too good to be true - but only almost!...more

Taking Care of Yourself After a Divorce

One of the biggest things any reading material or advice giver of those going through (or on the other side) a divorce will tell you is to start taking care of yourself! Take time to love yourself, treat yourself well - I mean, I've even seen date yourself! Honestly, this can kind be an eye-roll sort of task, especially when your ex has already moved on and you feel like a total single loser....more
Taking care of yourself is essential. Too many people jump into a new relationship right away ...more

Chia Seeds- Good for the body and soul

Chia Seeds have been around for a long time now-  But has been more accessible recently in the US for a few years.  I feel people still don't know about them yet.  They are so good for your body on all levels.  They have huge amounts of Omega -3s and give the body the extra nutrients it needs for energy.   There are so many Health Benefits of taking Omega-3s as a part of your daily routine  - Heart health, Skin health and Brain health There are different brands out there- But the one i see the most is a brand called Ma...more

Chocolate's my favorite health food

Just in time for Valentine's day: Should you be eating more chocolate? ...more

5 Steps for Handling Criticism Constructively

I can tell you -- for a fact -- that there is probably nobody who struggles with criticism more than I do.  In fact, if you were to ask any of my former employers, they would all probably say that "being defensive" was the one quality about me they struggled with the most.Nobody likes criticism....more

How to Maintain Healthy Muscles

Muscles play vital roles in our body system. They are body tissues consisting of long cells, and are responsible for many important functions in our body system.In fact, muscles make up to 40% of our body weight, and everyone has about 600 of them. Thus a healthy muscular system contributes immensely to a healthy wellbeing.Many people believe that only athletes and macho men require strong and healthy muscles. This is a misconception as muscles are involved in essential functions such as heartbeat, smiling, frowning, eating, talking, and moving....more

5 Steps to Stay Hydrated

It's common knowledge that drinking enough water is one of the best things you can do for your body. Drinking water aids in digestion, is great for your skin, and literally fuels your body. One of my top personal goals for 2016 is to drink more water - something I'm admittedly not that great at right now....more