Money Can't Buy Me Love

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Do You Want Health For Your Time Tomorrow?

I live in a world of miracles.  Every.  Single. Day.  Do you have any idea what that feels like?  Now many of you will nod and agree that life, in itself, is a daily miracle.  But I am one of those fortunate people who gets to experience outstanding miracles on a regular basis.  I get to be the recipient of hugs and I mean, really big tight hugs....when I have been able to give someone hope who has lost hope....more

The Pain ISN'T All In My Head

In late October, I had my first visit with Dr. R, a rheumatologist.  I’ve been having problems with my left hand (gripping things, opening things, pain, shaking) and with my knee (feels like it was grinding bone against bone).  I found out a lot during the visit and from the subsequent blood work....more

Ask Your Pharmacist Week

From my blog, Take It Easy...more

Bad, Bad, Bad Medical Staff

* * * UPDATE * * * November 9, 2014 -----I am changing my review ranking regarding Dr. David B. Mallory. Since first publishing this original post and giving a bad review on Google+, Dr. Mallory has contacted me, assuring that his staff has been notified of their egregious behavior. The following (in red) is a copy of my updated review on Google+....more

Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 5

We have been discussing ways to pro-actively beat the winter blues. Maintaining good sleep hygiene, getting physical exercise, and engaging in social interaction are all helpful in combating the blues. Today I’d like to focus less on the physical aspect, and consider the spiritual....more

Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 4

Shorter days, darker skies, and colder temperatures often rob us of our emotional equilibrium and can throw us into the pit with the winter-time blues. Do not be tempted to buy into the lie that there is nothing you can do about it....more

Not Exactly the Christmas Present I was Hoping For

Living, Loving, Laughing...

National Wobbly Wednesday For Nystagmus

Wobbly Wednesday is here. Nystagmus is a bounce of the eyes. This is a side effect but is not exclusive to albinism. It has been described similar to having ADD because the frequent bounce makes it harder to focus. There are ways to combat nystagmus to increase focus....more

Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 3

(Photo compliments of Sue Schwabauer Hoeksema) Yesterday we talked about the effects of exercise for improving our mood and outlook. Other factors affect our physical and emotional well-being:...more