5 Tips To Stay Fit During Holidays

Here are 5 tips to prevent holiday bulge, and enjoy your holidays with family and friends:1. Training Schedule...more

The true of laxatives for weight loss

There are several kinds of laxatives available on the market today. They act upon the large intestine to get empty. So, they should never be used for weight loss and caution should be exercised in the use of laxatives for constipation. Natural laxatives arrive in the shape of vegetables, fruits, and other compounds. They help in increasing the peristaltic effect on the large intestine to get rid of the digested residue....more

A detailed guide to plastic surgery

 As all of know that the plastic surgery is becoming a common trend nowadays. If you are planning to have plastic surgery, you must need to know all the things related to it in detail, before you go to make an appointment with the surgeon.The things to consider before plastic surgery: ...more

Vital Considerations To Make While Purchasing New Mattresses

It is very important for us to maintain our health and fitness, in order to achieve long term success in all different aspects of life. If our health is good, we will have the energy, stamina, and mental strength to pursue our interests. There are three very important aspects for maintaining our health. ...more

What's in That Dermal Filler? An Ingredient Breakdown

If you haven't tried injectable fillers yet, you're missing out. In a quick in-office treatment, these products can fill out wrinkles and add volume to the face and certain areas of the body, creating a youthful fullness without the worry of scarring or surgical recovery time. But do you ever wonder what's in them? Let's take a closer look....more

Dos And Don'ts For Heart Patient's Food

The foods that we consume directly affect our heart. It can either resolve the heart problem or worsen it. For heart patients, diet is just as importance as losing weight and exercising, if not more. A diet that’s good for our heart is rich in omega 3 fats. Omega 3 is present in large proportions in fish like salmon. A heart healthy diet should contain reds, greens, lots of fruits and fibers. It should be low in trans-fats, saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol....more

Let Technology Aid You To Better Sleep And Not Unhealthy Lifestyle

The technology that we use nowadays has a great impact on our lives. You might not even notice it but it also has a major role to play in our sleep routine. Sometimes, because of this technology we are not able to sleep at the right time. You all must be having the habit of using your mobile, laptop, or television before you sleep. Some people give the excuse that these gadgets help you to fall asleep but the reality is very different....more

Indications That It May Be Time to Buy a New Mattress

image Credit: Spinkandedgarusa...more

The Importance Of Flexibility

Exercise is probably the first thing that comes to mind whenever you think about body health and fitness.Eating normally and proper exercise is the best way to stay healthy for life.However, people often never realize that flexibility and exercise are two different things. Flexibility has an important role to play in the overall health of your body but most people never realize this.If you have already prepared the mind to become fully healthy and fit, you need to include flexibility as a key element in your routine workout sessions....more

Amber teething necklace is safe for your child

If your child starts by keeping teeth then you as well like all other mothers want to do something which can help to your child in this process. It is although an old method which used by parents for many years. It is specially designed for the new born baby who is in the process of teething. This necklace is made to wear around the neck of the children. It is not for chew purpose, but it is a great source to get relief from the teething pain....more