Your birth month may influence risk of 55 diseases (including ADHD and asthma)

Researchers believe they've found a correlation between the month you were born and certain diseases/disorders. They scanned 1.7 million medical records and found that of 1,688 diseases, 55 were somewhat linked to birth month.A few things to consider:1. This was done using NYC medical records, so obviously it could be different in other states or countries.2. The increased correlation isn't huge--or definitive.3. This is more just for reading pleasure because it's interesting - not because it's foretelling of your cause of death. ; )...more

A Week of Kale

Kale has become a food phenomenon lately, and here is why and how you can add more kale to your life: ...more

Friday Blog Round up #4

This week there was a mix of everything going on. I was hungry, my younger brothers graduation (they grow up so fast), issues with work, the ruling for the subsidies for the insurance companies was suppose to be coming up, just so so much....more

For men under 45, trans fats leads to poor memory

My husband just turned 42 and I swear his memory has been getting progressively worse and worse. Some of it is probably selective hearing, some is probably due to age-related cognitive decline, a small bit may even be due to the 4 wars he served in (because he was around lots of blasts). But reading this new research, I'm going to put some blame on trans fats.This new study out of the University of California - San Diego has found that a higher consumption of trans fats was linked to poor memory in men under age 45....more

8 Uses for pure Tea Tree oil

8 Awesome uses for Pure Tea Tree Oil head here  ...more

The secret to my 70+ pound weight loss

Switching gears!So I have made it known that I have lost probably over 70 pounds (I haven't weighed lately). But now I'm going to take this post to tell you how.   ...more

Your Life Only Gets Better When You Get Better

We’ve all been there, questioning how we got to where we are, contemplating what we should be doing next and asking why we made some of the choices we made along the way....more

Making the Best of Our Days

Do you ever sit back and wonder what it is you did yesterday, who you talked to, what you wore and what you ate? Sure, we all forget once in a while, get busy and simply don’t try to remember every little detail about each day, but are we letting it slide too much by not remembering the small things? Are we using excuses to not remember, to forget what we said we would do and end up losing ourselves in the shuffle?...more

Introducing Project: Get Fit