What the Paleo Diet Can Do for You

How to Be a Morning Workout Person

I know we've all read something somewhere about the positive effects of working out first thing in the morning. A jump-started metabolism, more energy, and a better chance of consistency are just a few of the outcomes that come to mind.  So, how can we train ourselves to become morning workout people and reap the benefits of the a.m. sweat session?...more

Spices in Homemade Baby Food

Nutrition and Fitness Terms Cheat Sheet

If you’re pretty new to the whole nutrition and fitness world, you might not know what the heck some of the more common terms mean....more

Not Losing Weight: Stop Doing These 3 Things

A few years ago I had to perform this 20 minute long dance in nothing but nude trunks and a bra top. Yeah, I know…cruel.Already struggling with depression, and unresolved body issues to boot, I had to get used to the fact that I’d be dancing in basically a bikini in six weeks. Needless to say, I was less than thrilled....more

Canine Obesity - What You Need to Know

Canine obesity is a serious problem affecting an estimated 54% of all dogs and cats in the U.S.Research suggests that as little as 5 lbs. can put your dog at risk for serious medical conditions. (Association for Pet Obesity Prevention)Think about this-...more

General Exercise Guidelines for Dogs

Making sure your dog is getting the proper amount of exercise is crucial to his health and happiness.Because dogs have a lot of energy they need stimulation to deter them from engaging in sometimes destructive behaviors that can often times be corrected.The solution? Develop a consistent exercise routine. Factors that determine how much exercise a dog needs:Age, Size, Breed, Health, and Individual traitsKnow your breed and understand your dog’s individual needs!...more


One of the food trends that have been the most detrimental to our health has been the advent of the low-fat diet. Not only has the rate of obesity spiked since this revolution, but more and more Americans are suffering from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and allergies. With the rise of food giants and the industrial revolution, the low-fat message has been reinforced by the food industry....more

Filter Out The Filth: Allergy Season Is Here!

Sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, headache- it can only mean one thing: allergy season is upon us. And it seems that no matter how much we clean our house and wash our hands there’s nothing we can do to escape the wrath of allergy season. Or is there?...more

Fitness Foodies...

It is difficult to talk about diet, weight and health without including the topic of physical exercise.  During my dietary guidelines research, I unearthed a statistic that I have pondered over the past few weeks.USDA data reports that more than 50% of adults in the United States are not physically active. ...more