Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 5

We have been discussing ways to pro-actively beat the winter blues. Maintaining good sleep hygiene, getting physical exercise, and engaging in social interaction are all helpful in combating the blues. Today I’d like to focus less on the physical aspect, and consider the spiritual....more

Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 4

Shorter days, darker skies, and colder temperatures often rob us of our emotional equilibrium and can throw us into the pit with the winter-time blues. Do not be tempted to buy into the lie that there is nothing you can do about it....more

Not Exactly the Christmas Present I was Hoping For

Living, Loving, Laughing...

National Wobbly Wednesday For Nystagmus

Wobbly Wednesday is here. Nystagmus is a bounce of the eyes. This is a side effect but is not exclusive to albinism. It has been described similar to having ADD because the frequent bounce makes it harder to focus. There are ways to combat nystagmus to increase focus....more

Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 3

(Photo compliments of Sue Schwabauer Hoeksema) Yesterday we talked about the effects of exercise for improving our mood and outlook. Other factors affect our physical and emotional well-being:...more

Spicy Success...

Spicy is almost always better, in my opinion!  Whether that relates to food or to a story, and especially related to success.  It holds the interest, gets a reaction, adds flair to the taste, if you will.If failure really were the condiment that gives success its flavor, then every small success that I have had should about set my mouth on FIRE!  I have been interrupted, disrupted, given up, discouraged, beat down, angry, and now starting to finally taste that success-and it is SO good!  I want MORE....more

Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 2

(Photo Compliments of Sue Schwabauer Hoeksema)Yesterday we talked about the effects of fall and winter on our mood. While you are waiting for the new season to come, and the darkness and depression to lift there are things you can do to help....more

The Cost Of Being Unhealthy

Recently, I was sent an email with an Infographic that I found interesting. The Infographic broke down the cost of being overweight and obese. Now, the first thing I thought about was the title did not match the content. You don't have to be overweight to be unhealthy. A person can be thin or at a healthy weight and still be unhealthy or not fit. However, I am not going to argue the point about weight and healthiness. I wanted to share the Infographic showing how being overweight cost more per year relating to health insurance, GAS, etc. ...more
I am overweight and have been for a few years probably because I stopped working out regularly, ...more

A New Leaf: When It's Time to Make Some Health/Wellness Changes

Last week, I reached my breaking point.Every once in a while, I go through a phase where I’m irritated and/or disgusted (OK, that’s dramatic) with myself and declare I need to start making some changes.I don’t mean to make excuses, but being a New York City commuter is TOUGH.  I wouldn’t trade a thing and happen to LOVE working in Manhattan, but it does make an already difficult work/life balance situation even harder....more

Pro-Actively Beat the Winter Blues - Part 1

With the fall time change, the days are shorter and darkness looms longer, ready to invade our very being.  If you or a loved one struggles with depression, this time of year can make that worse. The cold and the darkness can promote staying inside and isolating, and the darkness weighs us down like an anchor on the bottom of the ocean floor.While many suffer from the cloak of depression throughout the year, others suffer only during the winter months with what was called Seasonal Affective Disorder in reaction to the decreased sunlight to our nervous system....more