Do you have Computer Vision Syndrome?

This term is just entering my vocabulary: Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Have you heard of it?I’ve been curious of what the long-term affects are to those who spend hours each day in front of the computer. I can’t imagine it’s very healthy for our eyes and posture. Nevertheless, there are ways to help the situation....more

I Feel, Therefore I Eat Emotional eating has got the best of me yet again.Nine at night and ready for bed. Called my husband at work to say goodnight, got in a fight, hung up the phone and ordered Chinese. It was like someone took over my body, called for delivery and then ate when I wasn’t even hungry....more
No one makes the right decision every time, we will make mistakes, right? So yea, I've made a ...more

Are Homemade Meals As Wholesome As We Think?

Last week on the Huffington Post Anneli Rufus asked if frozen meals free us or turn us into barbarians. I was all set to go on about cooking from scratch and how much healthier it is than buying pre-made meals. But it turns out I don’t really know if that’s true....more

A Case Of The Undiagnosed

Red ribbons, pink ribbons, purple butterflies, silver ribbons, AIDS walks, LUPUS Awareness Day, Breast Cancer marathons… Everyone has a cause these days. Ever since I tested positive for Lupus, I had to wait an agonizing month to find out a diagnosis. Did I have it or didn’t I? I researched Lupus like crazy all while suffering from a “flare” My right hand and eye was swollen, I felt aches and pains really bad, I was so tired I couldn’t lift the trunk of my car up…let alone open doors for myself. I had to go home tired and confused. ...more

Stilling Wonders

Stilling WondersPhotography and Text by Jules Hovee Steffen...more

Tips for Teaching Children Table Manners

Table manners are about being kind and considerate to other people. Teaching your children table manners is not always easy, but it is an important skill that will benefit them throughout their lives....more
My grandmother was very formal so we were trained since we were very young the proper use of ...more

A Bigger Challenge - Day 71

I still have not been feeling the best today.  However, I have done my best to get over it and do what I need to do including CrossFit.  Perhaps I should have shared my rather sad week with my instructor as I have with all of you because today, of all days, he decides I need more of a challenge during the WOD (workout of the day).I can honestly say that today's WOD has been the easiest of the week....more

The dance lessons I never took

When I was little, my family lived out in the country. We were 15 minutes from the town I call my hometown, and that was a two-light town that really didn't even need that second light.When I was in second grade, I signed up for twirling lessons only to have to drop out before the first class even happened. Both of my parents worked, and there was no way to "catch a ride" with anyone after class because, well, we just lived too far away....more
Do it -- I started social folk dance after college to get myself out of the house during a slump ...more

Parents of Kids K-12 with Asthma - CONTEST REMINDER

There are two days remaining to sign up to win a $2,500 savings bond for your K-12 child with asthma and a $5,000 grant for their schools to help improve asthma care and prevention.   More details about the contest and how you can sign up, check out my blog link at   ...more

Live From Kenya: Home Health Visits & Being a Life Changer

Karibu Kenya!After 24 hours of travel, we arrived in Nairobi late Sunday evening, and made a beeline for our beds to get some rest before hitting the ground running bright and early on Monday morning. We made our way back to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 7 a.m. to take an early domestic flight to Kisumu, Kenya's third largest city, on the shores of Lake Victoria.  Though I didn't know this before, Kisumu and its surrounding Nyanza province is Ground Zero when it comes to infectious diseases:  HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, among others, are endemic in the aria, and the highest prevalence in Kenya is found in this region.  It also happens to be one of the poorest regions in the country....more

Karen: Thank you for the inspiring post about a brave and wise family and a committed health ...more