Fun With Health

While I like to have fun with health, I take health topics very seriously.  By seriously, I mean that I use research-based medical science to answer questions and as the foundation of the blogs I write.  And, when someone asks me a question, I believe that a timely and factual response is what is required - nothing laughable about that, for sure.  ...more
golf for me can be the best non exercise exercising there is.  there's nothing like being in the ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” to Have Dreams Come True 3-20-12

The efforts made now based on your creative and intellectual inspiration should prove invaluable in the near future.It’s all about the energy you produce with your current potential, and the inertia you’ve gained in moving forward.Opposing Energies: arguments, faithlessness, negativity, worryStick to your plans, no vacillating.Steer clear of negative influences, in particular those that disagree or interfere with your plans.Let go of self-doubt in order to strengthen your vision for the future....more

A 21st Century War on Women – Really?

Why? Colleagues, friends and family of both genders and all political persuasions continue to shake our heads in disbelief. The dialogue today is stunning.  Shocking. Are we really going to have a “new” discussion about women’s role in society, reproductive rights and ability to think for ourselves?...more

"My Right Eye" Series Interlude: One More Poem

Here is another brief interlude in the "My Right Eye" series—a poem that I wrote when I was an English and Creative Writing student at Oberlin College. This was published in 1990 in The Plum Creek Review, the student literary journal....more

Energy Drinks: Are They Safe?

I have a friend who works in high tech, has 3 kids, jets back and forth across the country 2-3 times/month and seems to accomplish more in 24 hours than anyone I know. When I asked her how she manages, she smiled and opened up the fridge in her garage.  It was chock full of Red Bull and next to the fridge was 6 other cases stacked to the side....more

I am a mom and I will NOT let the state make medical decisions for my children

A friend of mine posted this on FB.If you're not usually inclined to click the link, I would ask that, just this once, you do. Please.In case you decide not to, here's a pull quote:...more

It's Working

It's working, I think. The knee is definitely better but the ankles are a bit touchy yet. I'm still going to stay fairly low key until next Tuesday, and in fact having a massage and facial today. Unfortunately, we are supposed to go to a dance Saturday night and that is what tweeks my knee usually. I hope we don't dance too much.   Talking about dancing, I think I forgot about this little function and I don't know if I have anything to wear or even time to find something. I'm a bit of in an internal panic here this morning....more