Energy Drinks: Are They Safe?

I have a friend who works in high tech, has 3 kids, jets back and forth across the country 2-3 times/month and seems to accomplish more in 24 hours than anyone I know. When I asked her how she manages, she smiled and opened up the fridge in her garage.  It was chock full of Red Bull and next to the fridge was 6 other cases stacked to the side....more

I am a mom and I will NOT let the state make medical decisions for my children

A friend of mine posted this on FB.If you're not usually inclined to click the link, I would ask that, just this once, you do. Please.In case you decide not to, here's a pull quote:...more

It's Working

It's working, I think. The knee is definitely better but the ankles are a bit touchy yet. I'm still going to stay fairly low key until next Tuesday, and in fact having a massage and facial today. Unfortunately, we are supposed to go to a dance Saturday night and that is what tweeks my knee usually. I hope we don't dance too much.   Talking about dancing, I think I forgot about this little function and I don't know if I have anything to wear or even time to find something. I'm a bit of in an internal panic here this morning....more

Driven to Excess: The Cost of Going for Gold

The glorification of ripped abs, muscular physiques and magazine-worthy bodies leaves many athletes vulnerable to disordersed behavior, including eating disorders. Not surprisingly, research shows that the personality traits needed to become a top-performing athlete are also the building blocks for Anorexia Nervosa. High expectations, perfectionism, competitiveness and drive can spiral into excessive, ritualistic exercise, distorted body image, tendencies toward depression, and preoccupations with weight and dieting. ...more
Hi this is my first blog with Blog Her website and I have noticed alot of interesting topics ...more

A DES Daughter? Part 8 in the Series "My Right Eye: A Blogger's Journey Through Cancer"

A DES Daughter? We brought our baby boy home in October 1981. He was four-months-old, with a full head of dark blond hair and a Gerber baby smile. We called him Matthew, because the name means “gift of the Lord" and that's exactly what he was—and has continued to be—for nearly 31 years. He is the joy of my life....more

Help From the Man on the Street: Part 7 in the Series "My Right Eye: A Blogger's Journey Through Cancer

Help From the Man on the Street Dr. B was smiling when he entered my room. “How are you feeling today? I have wonderful news,” he said. “Both the tumor and the cyst were benign. ”I smiled back at him, grateful—relieved—for this news but also for his kindness. “Thank you. Thank you so much.” And then I started to cry.Dr. B patted me on the hand. “How is your pain? I heard you had a rough night.”...more

"It's Nature's Way" Part 6 of the Series "My Right Eye: A Blogger's Journey Through Cancer"

It's Nature's Way The next thing I remember was a heavy sensation on my chest and stomach, as though an elephant was sitting on top of me. I gasped for air, and a nurse told me that I was in the recovery room. I remember someone telling me I had been in surgery for six hours....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake” Practice Letting Go 3-10-12

Now is the time to turn your attention to working as hard as you play.Combining integrity with business acumen drives your motivation and power toward your long term goals.Opposing Energies: anxiety, frustration, hot-tempered, obstinate, self-obsessionEmotion has no place in business, so guard from being overly cool and distant, as this can put off opportunities.You can avoid those stubborn moments by observing in silence and utilizing flexibility in your thinking....more