Why ADHD kids are worse at crossing the street

It's not exactly a shocker that kids with ADHD have more difficulty safely crossing a busy street than kids without ADHD. But what DID surprise me is that it has nothing to do with whether they looked both ways before crossing. (The ADHD kids in fact displayed "appropriate curbside behaviors.")This study from the Univ. of Birmingham showed that ADHD kids just opted to cross under more dangerous conditions. In other words, they took more risks, including the fact that they crossed when the gaps in traffic were smaller....more

Seasonique--The Unexpected Change

One small package with one big surprise...more

More - Day 67

I realize that I am only a little more than 10 weeks into my new healthy way of living, incorporating nutritious eating with vigorous exercise.  However, with each passing Sunday as a day off from the exercise aspect of my routine, I feel that my day is somehow incomplete without it.  I know my body needs rest and it is good for me, but my mind keeps saying, "Karen, you should be doing more.  Much more."....more

Fifty - Day 66

As the words "epic" and "surreal" are probably the most overused words among Americans these days, "this was the hardest workout ever" is the most overused statement in my blog.  However, today people, it REALLY was the HARDEST WORKOUT EVER!!!!  What was the awful WOD (workout of the day) I am referring to?  ...more

A reason to celebrate!

Just last week, I was remarking to a group of coworkers about how I hated being short.  I have considered growth hormones, shin implants, and even stilts.  I generally stick to 4 inch heels as nothing else seems feasible (or remotely safe at this point).  Now I can be happy about being short!!  Oxford University has put together a ...more

Rowing, Parks & Swimsuits - Day 65

This morning at my 6 a.m. crossfit workout, I was determined to beat the two minute marker on the rowing machine for 400 meters after finishing our WOD (workout of the day).  First attempt was three seconds more than yesterday's worst time, which was a little disheartening.  The second attempt was one second behind my best time yesterday at 2:04.  My trainer reminded me that my body is more tired out today than yesterday, so I didn't need to be discouraged....more

Little Accomplishments - Day 64

As I carried my one year old daughter up the stairs in my house this evening, I thought about how, just eight weeks ago, this was the additional weight on me and how very heavy it was.  Just as one of my fellow crossfitters said to me yesterday when I was contemplating putting a 20 lb plate on my back to do push-ups that, I "didn't lose all 20 lbs from my back", I realize that I didn't lose all 20 lbs from my front either....more

I Have Lost the Weight of My Baby - Week 8

Well folks, when I got on the scale this morning, I was very HAPPY to see a weight loss this week of five pounds.  Woo Hoo!!!!  FINALLY!!!  I must say that I would have been happy at this point to just see a loss of more than one pound.  However, five was fantastic.  That brings my total weight loss to 20 lbs, which happens to be how much my one year old currently weighs.  So I guess I could say, "I have lost my baby!!".  Now if I need a reminder of exactly what I have lost, I can just pick her up....more

I apologize for the previous title I had listed for this post. I didn't realize how very ...more

Ponytail Girl - Week 6

After my kickboxing class last night, I wasn't sure how my body was going to react today to the mere thought of attending crossfit.  However, after a wonderful night's rest, I was up and ready this morning without a problem.  Of course, there was some soreness in my muscles.  Yet I have just concluded that discomfort and the old adage "no pain, no gain" is the way of life for the time being....more