Taking control of my body after a year of binging - Day 8

Day 8 – When I started this program, my weight was 193.8. Today, I weigh 189.9. This program is not difficult to do. The only downfall is that everyday; I have to focus on my calories for the day. When I told my co-worker about my progress, she was ecstatic. She asked me how I did it. She doesn’t think that she can do it as well. I told her that at first I was having the same thoughts as her. This is a complete lifestyle change. This means that I have to plan my meals ahead of time especially if I am going to eat out or attending a social event....more

As she fades

My mother’s heath has been on the decline for the past few years.  I don’t even like to say she’s sick because no one knows what is wrong with her. They throw around some phrases like “toxic neuropathy” but really they don’t know what happened or what’s going on or what’s going to fix it or even if they can. She’s been tested for everything several times (and I mean everything, she still gets a Lyme’s test every three months as well as lupus)....more

Another Look At Asheville

Here I am again, yappin’ about Asheville, NC ; ) There is just to much good food to not tell you about!! So make sure you keep this info handy if you’re ever passin’ through or passin’ time in this healthy, mountainous munch fest of a town!...more

Awesome Asheville

Asheville is one of those cities where a health nut need not worry. Most restaurants in this quaint mountain town have options or will easily accommodate almost any special diet with a smile ; ) It was a real treat to be in the hospitable south without worrying about loads of buttery and fried dishes, settling only for dry salads. Amongst the greenery and clean mountain air, you will also find some of the best and healthiest food around!...more

Sex and Your Health

Adobo Sirloin, a low carb beef recipe

It's time for beef recipe. There are many recipes that made from beef,  and the first beef recipe I will write for you is Adobo Sirloin recipe. The adobo sirloin recipe is simple to make. Besides it's rich of flavor,  it has low carb of nutrition. You can see it's nutritional information below. So, no worry to eat it make you unhealthy....more

Fitness and the Working Mom


It is so hard working full time with a substantial commute to find time to work out. I finally ...more

9 Foods that are believed to help save your memory

I ran across this article on Health.com. Although there's no proof, researchers think that these nine foods help keep your brain healthy. You can read the entire article here:http://www.health.com/health/gallery/0,,20434658,00.htmlI'm listing them here in case you don't want to read the entire piece:1. Oil-based salad dressings: I love Ranch dressing but I try to use balsamic vinagrette now. Apparently these dressings are high in Vitamin E, which appears to protect neurons in the brain....more

The Fitbug - Motivation in my Pocket

I do enjoy my workouts… the second they are over. Granted, there is a definite sense of pride and “I did good for my body today” feeling that follows a good workout. But somehow, that sense of achievement holds no reserve to motivate me for any subsequent workout. I’m on my own. Left to my own device, I would probably never exercise. And really, I only workout because I have to. I wish that I were one of those that could get lost in the endorphin rush, able to move past the pain. But no such luck. My neurotransmitters just ask me, Is this over yet?...more

The Clueless Caregiver

You know the age-old wedding vow, “In sickness and in health”? Well, when I stood under the chuppah and got married three short years ago, I never really gave much thought to that vow. Unfortunately for my husband’s sake, I really should have....more

We too dated a long time before marrying, in fact we lived in two different states flying to see ...more