I’m lacking it....more
Very True Victoria. I usually post all of my blog posts to this website, but I had been a bit ...more

Top Beauty & Health Picks of 2011

Looking our best and taking good care of ourselves is of utmost importance as we get older – in fact, sometimes it feels like a full time job!  Over the past year, we’ve heard from readers who have given us their “personal recs” of things to try.  Many of those suggestions have become staples in our own lives and daily routines.  Here is our year-end review of 11 products that made our lives better in 2011:...more
Thanks so much for sharing Nicole! I will definitely give the Revlon pen a try. ...more

DHEA May Help Menopausal Symptoms

A hormone called DHEA secreted by the adrenal gland may help women going through menopause and could also give them better sex lives, according to a new study by Italian researchers in the journal of the International Menopause Society, Climacteric....more
great article! i am amazed to read that already 10mg DHEA was suficient to show the results! ...more

Tis the Season for a Challenge

Each year that passes yields another twelve months of good intentions.  Thanksgiving approaches with a focus on family, friends and humbling offerings.  Most of us cheer the high life and vow to not take anything for granted.  A few days pass and this mantra fades only to be rejuvenated mid-December as Christmas quickly descends upon us.  Again, we hope to live up to the hype of generous, selfless giving, but we're swept up in the unbelievable holiday sales; we spoil ourselves and our children instead of paying mind to the true spirit of the season....more

Family Medical Officer

I recently spoke with Grace Lee from Bay Sunday on CBS 5 in San Francisco about a very cool app for the Family Medical Officer.  The FMO app is now available.You can see the interview here....more

Yoga....and I'll have fries with that...

So, the other day I did yoga and ate french fries on the same day.  I'm just wondering how much of this dance I'm gonna do before I realize that taking one step forward and two steps back is not attractive.  I don't usually eat french fries, but that doesn't stop me from indulging in bad choices from time to time, juxtaposed with my good choices.  ...more

What's in Your Family Medical History?

"You have your Grandmother's Eyes." I heard this a lot when I was a kid.  As I became a teenager, my brothers would also helpfully point out that I had also inherited her very large, wide child-bearing hips.  Of course, those were not the words they chose to describe my widening adolescent pear shaped body of which I was acutely aware of every morning as I tried to fit into jeans that were so tight I would have to lie down on the floor to zip them up....more

Dad and Good cholesterol

High cholesterol levels may adversely affect our health in various ways. It's not actually only the total cholesterol level in our bodies that counts, but also the breakdown between good and bad cholesterol. So, although our doctor may have told us to lower our total cholesterol in order to improve our health it is also important to raise our level of good cholesterol.Cholesterin is carried finished your bloodstream related to proteins titled lipoproteins, which are low- and high-density lipoproteins (LDL and HDL)....more

You know what road they say is paved with good intentions?

I've just completed my first two weeks of working out...almost everyday. There are a few things I have learned so far, and it has  been quite the adventure. 10. Even under all the softness time brings with lack of dedicated and focused exercise, there are indeed muscles under there you never knew existed.9.Howls of pain from being sore will provide teenagers hours of endless joy and pleasure...who knew they were such comedians ....just not so sure about it being at my expense ;)...more

Raw Vegan Cinnamon Brownies

The holidays are just around the corner, and I am running around preparing our trip back home  We leave next week for a full 2 weeks. Not only do I need to pack, but I also need to come up with a few meal plans for the 24th and 25th to ensure I have something good to eat while visiting family....more